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Bad Breath? There’s a Reason

You take pride in the attention you pay your teeth, brushing them after every meal (whenever possible) and flossing between them at least once every day. Though your teeth shine from your efforts, however, your breath might not always be as fresh as your teeth are beautiful. When bad breath mars your otherwise good dental health, there’s typically a reason behind it; luckily, your Shrewsbury dentists can help you eliminate bad breath by controlling the common forces behind it.

What Lives In Your Mouth

Besides your teeth, gums, tongue, and other oral tissues, your mouth also houses over 600 different identifiable kinds of bacteria (not to mention the many others that have yet to be classified). When poor hygiene, careless eating habits, and neglectful dental care allow these microbes to multiply, they release harmful substances that lead to tooth decay, gum disease, and often, persistent, hard-to-eliminate bad breath (halitosis).

Effective Breath Control

Bad breath can be a byproduct of many different issues, from bad hygiene or an advancing dental disease to certain illnesses and medications. If a health issue is to blame, then Dr. Pizzi or Dr. Messina may recommend visiting your physician, or receiving an appropriate dental treatment, if necessary. For more common causes of halitosis, you can try controlling or eliminating the germs responsible by;

  • Drinking plenty of water—Most of the malicious microorganisms in your mouth are anaerobic, meaning they thrive without oxygen. Drinking water combats the bacteria in two ways; by directly rinsing them away, and by promoting a healthy flow of water-rich saliva throughout the rest of your day.
  • Practicing restraint—Aside from a lack of oxygen, bad breath bacteria also thrive on certain nutrients. Refrain from snacking excessively throughout the day to prevent overfeeding the bacteria and encouraging their accumulation.


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