Quiz: Are You Doing Enough For Your Oral Health?

Imagine you have a dental appointment in one hour – how confident are you that your dentist will approve of the condition of your smile? If you feel that your oral health care could stand for some improvement, taking action can have real benefits. Improving preventive dental care can involve stepping up the effort you put into cleaning your mouth. Have you been brushing and flossing? Are you considerate of how certain foods and drinks can affect your teeth? In addition to care on your own, remember that you can receive important help for your smile when you attend regular dental exams. (more…)

Coffee And Tea Can Stain Your Teeth – Your Dentist Can Help

How do you make sure to start your morning on the right foot? For many people, the day begins with caffeine, either in the form of coffee, or tea. While these beverages can feel vital to fully waking up, they can contribute to unsightly teeth stains. They are not alone in this – drinks like red wine and soda also carry discoloration risks. When stains settle into your enamel, your dentist can provide a professional whitening treatment to help you regain your best and brightest smile. It should be noted that enamel stains are not the only issue that can lead to discoloration. If you have questions or concerns about how to best approach cosmetic dental work, your dentist can give you insight into what treatment might be best for you. (more…)

Check Out The Summer Performances Of Nature Explore: LIVE!

This season, you and your family can have a blast at the EcoTarium’s Nature Explore: LIVE! These performances use humor and colorful, fun characters to help teach concepts about science and culture. The upcoming shows for this year’s Summer season will offer insights into the animal kingdom, and help introduce children to customs and traditions outside of their own. These exciting outdoor shows are part of the EcoTarium’s commitment to helping families have a blast as they learn more about the world they inhabit. The final show will take place on Thursday, August 17. (more…)

How Contouring Can Help Improve Your Smile

With careful precision, contouring can make big improvements to your teeth and gums. Gum contouring involves a removal of excess or uneven periodontal tissue, while tooth contouring will involve your dentist shaving down a too-large tooth, or evening it out if it is uneven. If you find something is bothering you about your smile, but are unsure of exactly what the issue is, these cosmetic dental treatments may be the answer. If you want to move forward with these – or any other – cosmetic procedures, you can schedule a consultation with your dentist to learn more about how you can enjoy a remarkable change to your appearance. (more…)

How An Ultrasonic Scaling Can Impact Your Oral Health

Why would your dentist recommend an ultrasonic scaling in addition to the standard dental cleaning you already undergo? An ultrasonic scaling is employed with a particular purpose in mind – your dentist uses it to help you fight gum disease. Taking action against periodontal problems is important. If you fail to act in time, the condition can grow into an advanced stage, and will be irreversible. During your ultrasonic scaling, your teeth will receive a careful, advanced cleaning below your gum line. This removal of bacteria will help fight off an infection, and help restore the quality of your periodontal tissue. (more…)

Will Veneers Be Enough To Fix All My Smile Concerns?

Dental veneers can feel like a big step – after all, your veneers are permanently affixed on your teeth. Of course, that big step comes with the promise of big changes. Patients who seek dental veneers are able to hide a range of flaws through one procedure, and come away with a dramatic improvement. Your dentist can help you appreciate what to expect from veneers when you go in for a consultation. In addition to making sure you are a good candidate for this cosmetic dental procedure, they can talk with you about the changes you will see once they are placed. (more…)

Do You Have Tartar On Your Teeth?

If you have tartar on your teeth, brushing and flossing can fail to help remove it. This substance – a form of plaque that has enjoyed time to harden – is not a material you can remove through at-home care alone. One of the reasons regular dental checkups are encouraged is so that you can receive an expert dental cleaning. Your hygienist possesses the tools required to remove tartar, and the skill and attention to find any traces of it on your teeth. Without its removal, tartar can allow for sustained decay to occur, which can lead to your suffering a cavity. (more…)

Making Sure You Have The Endodontic Care You Need

Proper restorative tooth care can be more complicated when it comes to issues with the interior of your tooth. These issues, known as endodontic issues, can require a more involved procedure than a cavity that is simply removed, and addressed with a dental filling. The most common procedure dealing with internal issues is the root canal treatment. This is often used for advanced cavities, but it may be necessary after an injury as well. In situations where the problem is more complicated, your dentist can make sure your needs are fully met, so that you completely recover from whatever issue you are facing. (more…)

Enjoy A FREE Outdoor Movie At Dean Park 8/23

On the evening of Wednesday, August 23, you and your family can take advantage of a FREE outdoor movie screening, which will take place right here in Shrewsbury at Dean Park. During this evening, the Disney film Moana will be played for local residents. No ticket purchase will be required, and popcorn will be sold onsite. This recent animated smash hit delighted audiences in theaters, and now you can watch it while enjoying an evening out under the stars. The event is sponsored by Shrewsbury’s Parks And Recreation department, and SELCO. (more…)

Restoring Your Tooth – And Your Smile – With A Ceramic Crown

When a patient comes in needing restorative dental care, they can worry about the state of their tooth, but the state of their smile can also be on their mind. After all, a conspicuous restoration can draw unwanted focus and throw off the uniformity of your smile, hurting its overall quality. If you are currently seeking care, you can be relieved to know that your dentist is able to offer a ceramic crown that closely matches the look of your natural tooth. Thanks to E4D technology, that crown can even be provided in just a single appointment! (more…)