Contouring Work Can Help A Patient Uncover Their Best Smile

People who come in seeking cosmetic dental improvements may come in with preconceived notions about what it will take to make those changes possible. One benefit to meeting your dentist to discuss cosmetic work is that you can find out about different treatments that can be surprisingly effective at making effective changes to how you look. One thing you might not expect is how much good contouring work can do for you. Patients have seen great results after a tooth contouring treatment, which can make jagged teeth smoother, and reduce the size of overly large teeth. Many people have also been thrilled at the way a gum contouring treatment addresses the problem of teeth that appear too short or squat. (more…)

Maxillofacial Prostheses Offer Remarkable Restorative Value

For individuals who have lost bone or soft tissue in their face, a maxillofacial prosthetic can make a profound difference to their well-being. While patients rightly recognize that our office can help replace teeth that have been lost, we also provide prosthetic pieces to help restore areas of a person’s face. The creation and placement of this restoration can help a person practice vital functions like speaking, swallowing, and chewing. Because a prosthetic can cover missing or lost tissue that affect the way you look, a successful placement can also have important benefits for your confidence, and comfort. While many who receive these prostheses are children with birth defects to address, older patients who have suffered tissue loss after disease or an accident can also benefit. (more…)

Your Dentist Can Spot Problems Before Painful Symptoms Occur

An aching tooth could be giving you trouble because of an advanced cavity. When tooth decay causes an infection in your pulp, where nerves and blood vessels are housed, it can cause serious discomfort, in addition to jeopardizing your tooth’s overall health. What can you do to make sure a cavity does not reach this stage of development? Unfortunately, smaller cavities may not cause any obvious symptoms. With that said, you can have a problem in its early stages identified during a routine dental checkup. Your dentist is able to recognize when restorative dental care is needed, and they can make sure that care is promptly provided. While a cavity at this stage still causes permanent damage, the overall harm is minimized, and you can avoid needing a root canal treatment. (more…)

Finding The Right Way To Make Your Smile Brighter

While many people are excited by the idea of showing off a brighter smile, they can run into problems when they try to make changes to the color of their teeth. Many individuals who look into addressing teeth stains try to make improvements with over the counter whitening products, but only see limited results. While these products can remove stains from the surface of your teeth, you need something stronger if you hope to remove stains that sit below the surface of your enamel. With a professional whitening treatment, it becomes possible to reach those staining particles that remain after using a store bought product. It should be noted that some forms of discoloration do not stem from stains, but from internal problems. Other cosmetic dental procedures can be more effective against these issues. (more…)

Enjoy The Elm Park Summer Concert Series!

How would you like to enjoy a great outdoor experience for the summer that offers local entertainment, and no ticket cost? During this summer, the Elm Park Summer Concert Series will offer families a series of great performances from local artists. This annual event brings together talented musicians, many of whom are local, to perform free concerts. Many different styles and genres will be showcased. In addition to enjoying great music, you can spend time during the day enjoying the natural beauty all around you at Elm Park. (more…)

Modern Restorations Protect Teeth, And Preserve Your Smile

When your tooth develops a cavity, there is no way to save you from losing some dental material. The decay is not reversible, and your tooth will not regrow enamel to replace what has been lost. A restoration will be a permanent necessity if you need treatment for tooth decay. In the past, restorative dental work would conclude with the fitting of a metal filling or crown. That could protect the tooth, but it would disrupt your appearance. Because your dentist now uses more modern materials, that cosmetic disruption no longer needs to take place. Composite resin dental fillings and dental crowns made from ceramic are able to protect a vulnerable tooth, while blending in with your smile. (more…)

How Fluoride Helps You Keep Your Smile Cavity-Free

When it comes to stopping the formation of cavities, you know you need to keep up with good brushing and flossing habits. You also know to avoid consuming too much sugar. With these smart daily habits, and regular dental exams, you can do a great job defending your smile against tooth decay. What you might not realize is how fluoride helps to protect your smile. Fluoride, like calcium, is a beneficial mineral when it comes to preventing dental problems. Fluoride helps by encouraging a faster recovery when your enamel experiences decay. While fluoride will not reverse an already-formed cavity, it will make it easier for your teeth to rebuild from harm that could turn into a cavity. Fluoride can be found in tap water sources, and it should be a listed ingredient in your toothpaste. (more…)

How Do Professional Cleanings Differ From Daily Dental Care?

You should clean your teeth every day – you should brush at least two times, and floss at least once. When you perform these actions, you should take care to fully clean your teeth by putting time and care into the process. So if you follow all of the steps needed to enjoy great oral care at home, what else should you worry about when it comes to keeping your teeth clean? Is a professional dental cleaning necessary if you work hard to take care of your smile each day? When you undergo a professional dental cleaning, your hygienist can provide a level of cleanliness that exceeds what you can provide at home. One important component of this cleaning is the removal of tartar, something you cannot do on your own. (more…)

Is An Undersized Tooth Disrupting Your Smile?

Cosmetic smile problems are not always a consequence of dental damage, or discoloration. Sometimes, a person’s appearance will be affected by a tooth – or teeth – with an unusual shape or size. An undersized tooth can be particularly frustrating. The smaller size can create the appearance of a gap between teeth. This problem can also lead to unwanted attention, as it can interfere with the symmetry of your appearance. With a dental bonding treatment, your dentist may be able to make valuable esthetic changes over the course of a single appointment! It should be noted that if your undersized tooth interferes with your bite function, the right approach may be to place a dental crown over it. (more…)

Is Your Morning Coffee Habit A Problem For Your Smile?

It can be part of your morning routine, or your way of staying alert during your first hour of work. While people may have different reasons to reach for a cup of coffee in the morning, it is a habit many will maintain over the years. If you are a habitual coffee drinker, you may want to know more about the way this beverage can affect your health, and your smile. One possible issue with coffee is that this beverage can potentially stain your teeth. It can also dehydrate you, and fans of sweetened coffee may be at a greater risk for tooth decay. While you can minimize problems by moderating your consumption, it is helpful to think about how your coffee habit might affect your ability to prevent dental problems. (more…)