Are Your Kids Returning To School With Healthy Teeth?

For kids, the summer break can feel too short. For parents, the start of the school year can feel unfairly close as they try to arrange all necessary back-to-school shopping! It is important to make sure your children are properly prepared to go back to their classes. One thing you should think about is whether you are sending your kids back to school with healthy smiles. At our Shrewsbury, MA dental office, we offer quality pediatric dental care for young patients of varying ages. We can deliver thorough preventive reviews, and make sure any oral health troubles are recognized and resolved before the new school year begins! (more…)

Single-Day Crowns Can Restore Your Smile And Dental Health

When you learn about single-day dental crowns, you can be excited to discover that a problem with a vulnerable or damaged tooth can be solved in such a short time. In addition to making the process of restoring your smile easier, the E4D technology about our Shrewsbury, MA dental practice can ensure that your crown looks remarkably like a natural tooth! At the end of a procedure, you can feel good knowing that your tooth is protected, and that the crown you receive is lifelike enough to make you confident in the way you look. (more…)

The Role Every Checkup Plays In Your Oral Health Routine

At one dental exam, you can receive a professional teeth cleaning, and receive feedback about the state of your smile from your dentist. This one visit can offer important benefits. Over the course of your time in the dentist’s chair, tartar can be removed, any problems like tooth decay or gum disease can be identified, and any needed restorative dental procedures can be arranged. Of course, to truly benefit from professional dental services, you should make a habit of attending dental checkups! Ongoing care can help you keep your teeth cleaner, and they can protect you against the formation of oral health threats that might escape your notice. (more…)

How Can I Keep My Smile Bright After A Whitening Treatment?

Seeing the results that are possible with a professional whitening treatment can have you excited for your procedure, but you may have lingering concerns about how long those results will really last. After all, you still have to be concerned with a buildup of new stains from popular products like coffee, tea, soft drinks, and other items. While cutting back on these items, or cutting them out, can help, you may find completely avoiding products capable of leaving stains difficult. In addition to providing a professional whitening treatment at our practice, our Shrewsbury, MA dental office can help you by providing take-home whitening kits that you can use to fight new stains that form. (more…)

Providing Relief From Your Painful TMJ Problems

Your life can be more difficult, and decidedly less fun, when you have to spend each day dealing with pain related to TMJ dysfunction. Your typical symptoms can include pain that limits your jaw movement, headaches, and discomfort that reaches your neck and shoulders. At our Shrewsbury, MA dental practice, we can work with you to correct problems with TMJ dysfunction. This problem is rooted in unaddressed problems with your jaw joints or muscles – to help, we can provide a custom oral appliance that can cause an adjustment that relieves stress in these areas. We can also offer necessary restorative dental work, or orthodontic work, to improve your dental function and help you prevent future TMJ troubles! (more…)

Our 3D Imaging Technology Helps Us Plan Advanced Dental Care

At our Shrewsbury, MA dental practice, we are committed to providing superior dental work for our patients. As with any important endeavor, this work requires proper planning, and the right tools. To ensure that we have all the information we need before crafting a dental crown to restore your tooth, or before scheduling your dental implant placement, information is gathered with advanced digital imaging technology. The 3D images that are produced can ensure that the work you undergo leads to great results, and fantastic smile care! We also use modern diagnostic imaging during routine dental exams, in order to fully examine your smile for possible issues that might call for treatment. (more…)

Great Periodontal Care Is Important For Your Oral Health

When you think about what it might take to protect your smile over the years, you may focus on efforts to avoid tooth decay. This type of preventive dental care is certainly important, but maintaining your oral health means more than just taking care of your teeth. You also need to stay focused on the health of your gums, and make a real effort to protect your periodontal tissues against harmful infections. At our Shrewsbury, MA dental practice, we can talk to you about any signs of gingivitis that we observe, and recommend periodontal care when it might be required. We use ultrasonic technology to clear away bacteria below your gum line, so we can help you reverse gingivitis, or take steps to manage a more severe infection. (more…)

How Long Is Your Cavity Treatment Going To Take?

No matter how slow or busy your life happens to be in a given moment, it seems likely that you would prefer to have restorative dental work completed in the shortest time possible. Of course, while convenience can be appreciated, you should also be concerned about the quality of your care! At our Shrewsbury, MA dental practice, we can provide you with impressive restorative dental services when you have a problem with dental decay. In addition to making sure your treatment does not create problems for your appearance, we can have your work completed in a shorter time than you might expect. (more…)

We Can Use Custom Veneers To Make Big Smile Improvements

How happy are you with your current smile? Over time, people often find that small changes to the color of their teeth, or even their shape, can make them unhappy. You may feel that your smile now lacks a youthful look, or seems less healthy, due to problems with the look of certain teeth. If you want to make meaningful improvements, and restore your confidence in your smile, talk to your Shrewsbury, MA dentist’s office about having veneers placed! With veneers, you can do something about truly frustrating smile flaws, and start to feel a renewed confidence in the way you appear. You can even address naturally occurring flaws that have long made you self-conscious, and start showing off your best smile ever! (more…)

How Professional Teeth Cleanings Keep Your Smile Healthy

How clear are you on the importance of professional dental cleanings? Do you know what it is about these sessions that set them apart from your daily routine smile care? Every time you set up a preventive dental exam with your Shrewsbury, MA dentist’s office, you can count on an expert dental cleaning in addition to a review of your oral health. During this cleaning, expert care is taken to reach every area of your smile, and to remove any harmful substances present. One harmful substance, tartar, can be removed by your hygienist. This is important, because by brushing and flossing alone, you will not be able to clear deposits of tartar from your teeth! (more…)