Cosmetic Work For Your Tooth Injury

Dental work can provide solutions for a number of concerns. What can surprise you is how the right treatment can take care of a problem while limiting changes made to your tooth structure. For example, when you bring concerns about a tooth injury to your Shrewsbury/Grafton, MA dentist’s office, you can find that conservative cosmetic dental work is all you require in order to resolve problems with how you look. The right service can make sure that any issues that hurt your appearance are resolved so that you no longer feel self-conscious, and it can do so while making treatment easier to undergo than you think possible. When necessary, our practice is prepared to take on more significant damages through treatment with custom, durable, and lifelike crowns. (more…)

Making Smile Changes With Veneers

When you lack information on cosmetic dentistry and what treatment can do for you, it can be hard to know just how far—or how close—you are to your ideal smile. By looking into your treatment options, you can find that just one procedure can be enough to let you show off all of your desired improvements. Our Shrewsbury/Grafton, MA dentist’s office is prepared to help you review your options, which include treatment with a personalized set of porcelain veneers. These slender restorations cap the fronts of teeth in need of improvement. Their placement can help with discoloration, general wear and tear, problems with teeth spacing, and more that can make you self-conscious. (more…)

Can Dental Implants Help By Securing Dentures?

Dentures can provide a full smile for someone who has suffered significant tooth loss. If you could benefit from the receipt of this kind of prosthetic, you can be excited to see how it restores your appearance, but you can also have questions about how you will adjust to its presence. Will it stay secure throughout the day? Can it offer bite support? Will it remain a good fit over time? One option that can help man people is the receipt of a hybrid denture. Instead of securing it with epoxies or natural suction, selectively placed dental implants are trusted to hold it in position. Your Shrewsbury/Grafton, MA dentist can help you understand what this treatment approach can do to make your prosthetic work more comfortable and more beneficial overall. (more…)

Relying On Clear Aligners To Improve Smiles

When teeth are not properly spaced, it can be hard to feel as confident in your smile as you would like. For people who feel uncomfortable with the idea of metal braces, it can also be a difficult problem to bring up. Are you worried that your only option for care is an adjustment with conspicuous aligners that have to be fixed in place? If so, you should know that you have another option in the form of Invisalign treatment. At our Shrewsbury/Grafton, MA dentist’s office, we can provide you with the option of using clear aligners to take care of gaps, overlaps, and other problems related to poor teeth spacing. This can have a positive effect on your appearance, and it can also lead to positive changes in your bite function. (more…)

What Can Be Done About Discolored Teeth?

The gradual changes to your smile from dental discoloration can become a real concern as it worsens. The longer it takes you to do something about this, the harder it can be to feel comfortable with your overall appearance. Fortunately, there are solutions to problems when you feel that your teeth are not bright any longer. At our Shrewsbury/Grafton, MA area dentist’s office, we can supply different options for cosmetic dental work. We can take on discoloration caused by teeth stains by providing a professional whitening procedure. We can also offer cosmetic dental services that correct problems with intrinsic discoloration, trouble that can be traced back to changes within the tooth structure. (more…)

Implant Dentistry And Significant Tooth Loss

Has significant tooth loss impacted your health and appearance? The troubles with the loss of one tooth can be hard to ignore, but it can be harder to deal with the issue when many or all of your teeth are missing. Dentures can help you regain your appearance, but it can be harder for you to feel fully comfortable with an appliance that is not set in place. At our Shrewsbury/Grafton, MA area dentist’s office, we can provide hybrid dentures, which are set in place with a set of dental implants. Because you have this option, you can enjoy the benefits of a secured denture that supports your ability to bite and chew! You can also preserve your oral health by stimulating your jawbone and preventing its deterioration. (more…)

Relying On Tooth Bonding For Smile Improvements

Until you do something about the flaws that hold it back, you can have a difficult time projecting confidence in your smile. Even a small issue with a tooth that is blemished, damaged, or misshapen can have a seriously disruptive effect and take away your comfort in your appearance. What you can find is that there are effective cosmetic dental procedures that take on these different issues. By asking your Shrewsbury/Grafton, MA area dentist about your options for care, you can discover that cosmetic dental work in the form of tooth bonding can produce desired results in as little as one appointment! (more…)

Tooth Contouring And Your Ideal Smile

If you want to show off your ideal smile, but feel concerned about how much work will go into a cosmetic dental procedure, you may hold off on treatment that can have lasting advantages. What you should know is that the right procedure can take less work than you realize and still offer your ideal results! At our Shrewsbury/Grafton, MA dentist’s office, we can supply information on different cosmetic services. One of those services is tooth contouring treatment, which helps change your smile by reshaping and resizing any teeth that currently look awkward and out of place. With this approach, we remove the need for permanent restorations, and we can offer results while only making minimal changes to your appearance. (more…)

Using Invisalign To Fix Poor Teeth Spacing

How should you deal with gaps between teeth, or with teeth that awkwardly overlap each other and look out of place as a result? A traditional orthodontic treatment with metal braces can take care of these issues. With that said, this is not an approach that is always needed. In some cases, a more conservative form of care, one that only requires removable and hard-to-see aligners, can be recommended. At our Shrewsbury/Grafton, MA dentist’s office, we can recommend that you begin Invisalign treatment to take care of your smile. With this procedure, we can fix problems with the way you look and even produce oral health improvements! (more…)

Dental Implants Can Hold Dentures In Place

How much good can prosthetic dental work really do when you have to receive a full denture? Losing a row of teeth can lead to understandable worries, but with the aid of implants, your restoration can be surprisingly supportive! Our Shrewsbury/Grafton, MA area dentist’s office provides prosthetic services to people who have gone through different degrees of tooth loss. For those who have a need for a denture, we can recommend a hybrid denture that is set in place on a set of carefully placed dental implants. In doing so, we can offer more bite stability and even oral health support from your restorative work! (more…)