What To Expect From Dentures Secured By Dental Implants

By providing a patient with dentures, we can give them renewed confidence in their smile. If you are currently seeking prosthetic work with dentures, or if you already have removable dentures, you may be concerned that they lack the bite support you want, or that they might be difficult to keep in place. With hybrid dentures, we can actually restore a person’s bite function with a prosthetic that remains securely in place. Hybrid dentures rely on a series of dental implants that keep the appliance held securely to your jaw. At our Shrewsbury, MA dentist’s office, we can meet with you to discuss the benefits of implant-held dentures, and walk you through what to expect when it comes to placing and restoring dental implants. (more…)

Embarrassed By Stained Teeth? Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help

As teeth stains worsen, your confidence in your smile can plummet. What often frustrates people about teeth stains is how difficult they are to avoid – many popular foods and drinks contain particles that can dull your enamel. Even if you have cut down on the products that you suspect caused your teeth stains, you may find it difficult to remove those stains that have already formed with products that are available at your local grocery store or pharmacy. At our Shrewsbury, MA dentist’s office, we can recommend cosmetic dentistry if you are trying to deal with stubborn stains. To brighten your teeth, we can offer a professional whitening procedure that makes significant changes. If we find that other issues have led to your problems with discoloration, we can review other treatment options available to you. (more…)

Can Cosmetic Dentistry Address Harm From Teeth Grinding?

When a person grinds their teeth each night, they can unconsciously cause serious problems for their smile. The friction produced when you grind or clench your jaw can lead to wear and tear that changes the shape of teeth, or even chips and cracks to your enamel! Our dentist’s office in the Shrewsbury and Grafton, MA area has experience addressing the effects of this problem, often referred to as bruxism. In addition to helping you protect your smile at night, we can recommend cosmetic dental services that address concerning issues with wear and tear. If necessary, we can also plan procedures to address chips and cracks that have affected your oral health as well as your smile. (more…)

How Dental Implants Fit Into Plans To Restore Your Smile

If your smile is lacking even one tooth, you should know that prosthetic dental work can have several benefits. In addition to improving the way you look, treatment to restore your full smile can give you better bite support, limit your risk for losing more teeth, and even help you prevent jawbone deterioration. These benefits are available to patients who receive a prosthetic held in place with a dental implant. Implants act as artificial “roots” that ensure a restoration remains securely held to your jaw. When you have an implant-held prosthetic appliance, you can find it easier to speak, bite, and chew the way you did before tooth loss. For those who need to replace several teeth, we can use multiple implants to hold larger restorations. We can even provide hybrid dentures for those who need to replace a row of teeth! (more…)

Being Dehydrated Can Raise Your Risk For Tooth Decay

Have you done enough today to protect your smile against problems like tooth decay and gum disease? When considering this question, you may dwell on how much you have done to clean your teeth. What you might not think about is how much water you have consumed so far. Water consumption can be more important than you might anticipate, as your hydration levels can affect your body’s ability to naturally fight oral bacteria and food debris buildup. The health of your smile is important, and it can influence your general health in more ways than you might realize. Our Shrewsbury, MA dentist’s office is proud to help patients take care of their teeth during regular dental exams, and through helpful guidance on smart smile care at home. (more…)

Fully Caring For A Loosened Or Lost Tooth

While it would be hard to think of any dental injury as “good,” an injury that leaves your tooth loose – or knocked out completely – can certainly be upsetting! At our Shrewsbury, MA dentist’s office, we are prepared to help patients who require urgent treatment for a tooth that is at risk for being lost. We encourage our patients to reach out to us in a situation that calls for emergency dental work. Upon providing this work, we can take care to fully restore the health of a tooth that is in jeopardy. If your tooth is too badly damaged, or if you were not able to make your appointment in time to save it, we can also discuss prosthetic dental services. (more…)

3 Strategies For Protecting Your Periodontal Health

Are you really taking care of your gums? When a person’s periodontal health is not properly managed, it can lead to consequences that may surprise you. Did you know that complications from periodontal disease can lead to the loss of teeth? Did you know that when gum disease progresses past gingivitis, and into a condition known as periodontitis, it can become a permanent problem that has to be managed? Your Shrewsbury, MA dentist helps patients with dental and periodontal health matters. You can help yourself to avoid potential complications from gum disease by making smart daily decisions. (more…)

Improve Your Oral Hygiene With Better Flossing Habits

When you practice good oral hygiene, you can avoid problems that might lead to painful tooth problems and periodontal issues. What are you currently doing to keep your teeth safe against gum disease and tooth decay? Many people pin their hopes on brushing their teeth alone, and fail to think about other efforts they could make to protect themselves against dental issues. Brushing certainly does matter to your oral health, but it is just one aspect of oral health care that you should be aware of. If you want to keep your teeth better protected, make sure you are flossing on a daily basis. By doing so, you remove harmful plaque and food debris that can gather between teeth. Through this and other efforts, you can ensure that there are no problems for your Shrewsbury, MA dentist to find at your next dental exam. (more…)

A Good Diet Can Be Good For Your Dental Health

Do you think about your smile before selecting what you want from a restaurant menu? How often do you factor your dental health into what you purchase at the grocery store? It should not feel strange to think about your diet’s impact on your oral health. After all, you (hopefully) recognize the threat that excess sugar consumption can cause to your teeth. Your food and drink selections can also have an impact on your appearance, as some products can lead to distracting teeth stains. Choosing a varied, nutrient-rich diet can help you keep your enamel healthy over time. Between effective dieting, effective brushing and flossing, and regular dental checkups, you can maintain a lower risk for cavities. Our Shrewsbury, MA dentist’s office can offer guidance in addition to providing dedicated oral health support. (more…)

Arranging Treatment If You Are Experiencing Dental Pain

Dental pain can be a serious problem, one that makes it difficult for you to eat, speak, or generally concentrate on your day. When the matter is serious enough to affect your quality of life, you may need to seek emergency dental treatment! At our Shrewsbury, MA dentist’s office, patients who think they might require urgent care are encouraged to contact us for support. We do provide emergency dental services for our patients, which can ensure that a tooth in poor condition is properly restored. This can be arranged if you have pain, physical damage, or even if you are concerned about a tooth that has been knocked out! (more…)