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3 Reasons To Be Happy Your Dentist Offers Same-Day Crowns

It may be hard to feel “happy” at the news you need restorative dental work, but you can certainly be glad about the benefits available from your dentist’s modern approach to care. One benefit to modern restorative work you can enjoy comes in the form of life-like dental crowns that can be ready in just… Read more »

Solving Tooth Troubles With A Root Canal Treatment

While people are often aware that a root canal treatment can address a problem like tooth decay, they may be unclear on what, exactly, a root canal is intended to do. There are cases where dentist can perform restorative dental care on a cavity without performing a root canal. However, this procedure is made necessary… Read more »

Stopping Tooth Problems With Modern Restorative Dental Care

A persistent tooth pain can be upsetting, but you should not let this scare you into thinking this is the end of your smile as you know it. Because your dentist provides restorative work using modern materials, the care you receive can end with your tooth being supported by a natural-looking filling or crown. You… Read more »

Is It Time To Have An Old Filling Or Crown Replaced?

Dental restorations provide dependable support for vulnerable teeth, and they can make sure you have the necessary protection for many years. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of pressure placed on teeth from biting and chewing. Over time, a dental filling or dental crown may start to wear down. This degradation can be sped up if… Read more »

Receiving Your Natural-Looking, Durable Dental Restoration

Is restorative dental care going to negatively impact your smile? The goal when correcting a dental health issue is to keep your tooth safe, and to make sure your ability to bite and chew is not compromised. With that said, modern dental materials have allowed your dentist to create dental fillings and dental crowns that… Read more »

How Alarmed Should I Be About A Tooth Injury?

Because dental damage can be permanent, you might be particularly worried about an injury that leaves you with a chipped or cracked tooth. Visible harm can certainly have a negative impact on how you look, but some injuries can also pose a larger threat to your oral health. Dental trauma that causes problems with a… Read more »

Is It Possible To Have A Cavity Without Realizing It?

A cavity causes permanent damage to a tooth, and will demand restorative treatment from your dentist. Because they can be so harmful to your oral health, you might assume that a cavity would immediately cause noticeable symptoms. What you might not realize is that as decay takes hold of a tooth, you may be none… Read more »

Returning To The Dentist After A Long Absence

When you keep up with ongoing dental exams, you receive valuable preventive care at a professional level, and you are kept current about the state of your oral health. By staying in the habit of seeing your dentist, you can avoid problems that might call for more involved restorative dental work. Unfortunately, people can find… Read more »

Undergoing A Root Canal To Address A Toothache

If you feel persistent discomfort, or an exaggerated sensitivity, in your tooth, you may have a problem that demands your dentist’s urgent attention. These symptoms are common common when you have a problem with an advanced cavity. A root canal treatment makes it possible for your dentist to neutralize an internal tooth problem. While the… Read more »