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E4D Crowns Offer Restorative Support Sooner

Having restorative dental care for a problem tooth means protection from future problems, and functional support. In the past, patients who needed a dental crown for a problem tooth would have to wait for a dental lab to produce it, leaving them reliant on a temporary crown. Thanks to E4D technology, your dentist can eliminate… Read more »

3 Things To Keep In Mind If You Think You May Have A Cavity

Alarmed by a persistent toothache? Do you have a tooth that is suddenly sensitive? These issues can give a person concerns about a potential cavity. If you feel that you might be experiencing tooth decay, talk to your dentist about it. Once a cavity forms, there is no at-home treatment that will allow you to… Read more »

Quiz: Responding To Issues That Demand Endodontic Care

Restorative dental care can manage many different issues. In cases where you simply need to address a cavity that has begun to form, your dentist can excise an area of decay, then restore your tooth with a dental filling. If you have a problem that affects the interior of your tooth, the care you need… Read more »

Delaying Necessary Dental Care Can Lead To Complications

If you have a cavity, and go in for treatment today, your dentist may determine that you will only need a filling to support your tooth after decay is removed. However, if you have a cavity, and continually put off the restorative dental work that you need, that tooth may need more involved care by… Read more »

3 Things To Remember When Your Dentist Finds A Cavity

A cavity is never good news, but a little perspective can help you stay calm, and help you understand how to enjoy effective restorative dental care. When you act sooner to stop a cavity, you can limit the damage done to your tooth. Thanks to modern dental materials, the restoration you receive can avoid creating… Read more »

Quiz: Endodontic Dental Concerns

An endodontic dental concern is an issue that threatens the interior of your tooth. When something like this arises, it can be a serious issue for your oral health. If the nerves and blood vessels within your pulp become infected, it can put your entire tooth in jeopardy. This will happen if you have a… Read more »

Why Wait? Receive A One-Visit E4D Dental Crown

If you have received a dental crown in the past, you may think you know exactly what to expect when you learn you need to have one placed on a problem tooth. Many people anticipate receiving a temporary crown, and relying on it while they wait for a dental lab to produce their permanent restoration…. Read more »

3 Things To Keep In Mind If You Have A Cavity

Cavities are a common problem, one that patients are typically well aware of. With dependable preventive dental care, and a smart diet, you can limit your risk. With regular dental checkups, you can add to your dental protection. That being said, people who feel confident in their oral care habits can still find themselves dealing… Read more »

Seeing Your Dentist For Help With Dental Damage

We take steps every day to protect our teeth from cavities. Brushing, flossing, and restricting sugar will help you keep your risks for problems managed. Unfortunately, while brushing and flossing can keep our mouths clean, they do not keep our teeth safe from accidents. If you suffer dental damage after an accident, you can be… Read more »

So I Need A Root Canal – What Should I Expect?

What kind of problems call for a root canal treatment? People can sometimes think of root canals and cavity treatment as interchangeable, but this is not exactly the case. Not every cavity will mean that you need a root canal, and some patients will need a root canal for issues that are not related to… Read more »