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Undergoing A Root Canal To Address A Toothache

If you feel persistent discomfort, or an exaggerated sensitivity, in your tooth, you may have a problem that demands your dentist’s urgent attention. These symptoms are common common when you have a problem with an advanced cavity. A root canal treatment makes it possible for your dentist to neutralize an internal tooth problem. While the… Read more »

Quiz: When A Problem Requires Restorative Dental Work

Hopefully, you are taking care to avoid any problems that might call for restorative dental treatment. You can limit your risks for tooth decay by putting real effort towards brushing and flossing your teeth. When that committed care is combined with regular dental exams, you can certainly do an admirable job protecting your smile. Unfortunately,… Read more »

What Kind Of Care Should You Expect For An Advanced Cavity?

A cavity forms when a tooth suffers more decay than it can repair on its own. Once that occurs, the cavity will continue to grow until professional treatment is provided. In the early stages of tooth decay, your dentist can protect your smile by removing the infected area, and protecting your tooth with a dental… Read more »

What’s the Best Solution for Your Cracked Tooth?

When your tooth cracks, the discomfort may encourage you to see your dentist as soon as possible to fix it and alleviate your toothache. In many cases, a dental crown may be the best way to restore a cracked tooth. Yet, not all cases of cracked teeth are the same, and sometimes, your dentist can… Read more »

Things You Should Know About Root Canal Treatment

Also known as endodontic treatment, root canal therapy is often misunderstood by patients who have never undergone the procedure. Because the process involves carefully cleaning out and restoring the inner chamber of your tooth, which houses the nerves and tissues, it can sound discomforting. However, modern root canal treatment is often much more comfortable and… Read more »

A Problem Within Your Tooth Can Cause Serious Discomfort

A damaged tooth, or a tooth affected by decay, can negatively impact your oral health function, and put that tooth at serious risk. Many times, pain and sensitivity are symptoms of poor endodontic health, meaning something is wrong with the interior of your tooth. Your dentist can help by performing a root canal treatment. This… Read more »

3 Things You Should Know About E4D Dental Crowns

Why should you care that your dentist can provide you with an E4D dental crown? What makes this type of crown special? Dental crowns have long been trusted to protect teeth that have been made vulnerable by damage or tooth decay. While many people still imagine crowns made from metal, which can make them a… Read more »

Quiz: What Can A Cavity Do To A Tooth?

Practicing smart smile care can help you limit the possibility of developing a cavity. While the importance of cavity prevention can be easily understood, you may have questions about what, exactly, a cavity does to your tooth. Small amounts of decay will form on our enamel as oral bacteria produce harmful acids. While your teeth… Read more »

Is My Toothache Worth A Trip To The Dentist?

What kind of toothache will call for a treatment from your dentist? One thing that should worry you is if a toothache persists for an extended period of time. Lingering pain could be a consequence of a tooth suffering from advanced decay, or the byproduct of an injury or infection. If you fail to have… Read more »

Experiencing Trouble After A Root Canal? Talk To Us!

Undergoing a root canal will allow you to recover from a serious dental problem. Root canals are used to target problems in your pulp, where a tooth’s living tissues are housed. This is commonly done as a response to a cavity that has grown severe, but it can also be called for after a dental… Read more »