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Quiz: Providing Cavity Care With Lasting Benefits

You should base your approach to smile care around the goal of never having a cavity. This may seem obvious – after all, who brushes their teeth with the intent of limiting themselves to just a few cavities? The goal of “never having a cavity” means maintaining a consistent approach to smile care. If you… Read more »

Single-Visit Crowns Offer Prompt Restorative Support

If you have a concern about a lingering toothache, or an injured tooth, you would presumably like to have work completed as soon as possible, right? While many people who need restorative dental work have to wait for a lab-made dental crown, you can look forward to receiving your custom dental crown in one visit!… Read more »

A Filling Can Ensure Your Tooth Is Supported After A Cavity

What kind of problems can be created when you have a cavity? The most immediate concern is with the threat decay can pose to your tooth, and your smile. If no treatment is received, a cavity can cause an internal infection, and even leave your tooth damaged to the point that it needs to be… Read more »

3 Things You Should Know About Tooth Infections

What sets an internal tooth infection apart from a cavity? A cavity can result in an infection if too much times passes between its formation, and the appropriate restorative dental treatment. When you develop an internal infection, it refers to a problem within your pulp. In addition to decay, dental injuries that are serious enough… Read more »

Catching Problems Early Can Mean Avoiding Serious Concerns

How serious is a cavity? That answer can depend on how much time that cavity has spent growing, and doing damage to your tooth. In cases where the problem is identified early, your Shrewsbury, MA dentist can provide care and restore your tooth with a dental filling, sparing most of the tooth’s structure. However, a… Read more »

How Bad Can One Cavity Really Be?

Because cavities are a common problem, some patients might fail to appreciate how serious they can be. When decay results in a cavity, your tooth can suffer permanent harm. The degree of harm will continue to grow, and the problem can eventually lead to an internal infection. At their worst, cavities can result in the… Read more »

Providing Attractive, Dependable Single-Visit Crowns

The sooner you have a restoration in place for a problem tooth, the better off you can be – after all, dental fillings and dental crowns are needed to provide permanent support. After a problem like tooth decay, or dental damage, your tooth will require protection that helps you avoid future infections, as well as… Read more »

3 Reasons We Take Tooth Injuries Seriously

When a person suffers a tooth injury, they face a risk of infection, and they can suffer from cosmetic and functional problems. Leaving the problem untreated can lead to complications that seriously affect your oral health. An infection can lead to tooth loss, and other complications. When damage interferes with how easily you can bite… Read more »

Same-Day Crowns Offer Convenience, And Great Smile Support

A problem tooth is not something you want to leave without treatment. If your tooth is affected by advanced decay, or physical trauma, the persistent discomfort can be taxing, and you can be eager to have results as soon as possible. When your Shrewsbury, MA dentist restores your tooth, they can use E4D technology to… Read more »

Planning Great Dental Work With 3D Imaging Technology

Excellent dental work requires excellent planning. When your Shrewsbury, MA dentist plans dental treatments that are intended to restore someone’s smile, they can use 3D imaging technology to carefully map that person’s teeth and oral structures. What do patients gain from having 3D images taken? This technology makes it possible to create a remarkably detailed… Read more »