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Are Your Dentures Uncomfortable? Ask About Dental Implants

For patients who have suffered significant tooth loss, a set of dentures offers an opportunity to once again show off a full smile when smiling and speaking. Because of this, you can be eager to have your custom dental prosthetic made. Unfortunately, many people who start wearing dentures can find them less comfortable than they… Read more »

Fully Caring For A Loosened Or Lost Tooth

While it would be hard to think of any dental injury as “good,” an injury that leaves your tooth loose – or knocked out completely – can certainly be upsetting! At our Shrewsbury, MA dentist’s office, we are prepared to help patients who require urgent treatment for a tooth that is at risk for being… Read more »

Our Same-Day Crowns Can Shorten Your Dental Treatment

Restorative dental work can take care of potentially serious problems that can affect your teeth. At our Shrewsbury, MA dentist’s office, we can take on your issues with poor dental health while also preserving your appearance. One way we can take care of a dental problem while preserving your smile is by placing a custom… Read more »

Arrange Treatment For Tooth Pain Or Sensitivity

Simply trying to live with tooth pain, and not having the problem reviewed, can lead to alarming consequences. When a tooth is frequently sore or sensitive, it can be a warning that an infection has occurred because of decay or physical injury. At our Shrewsbury, MA dentist’s office, individuals who are experiencing dental discomfort can… Read more »

A Filling Can Provide Long-Term Support After A Cavity

When a cavity affects a tooth, it does permanent damage that will have to be addressed. While you may not be able to naturally grow back the tissues destroyed by decay, restorative dental work can provide you with a restoration that keeps the tooth safe, while also giving it important functional support. Our Shrewsbury, MA… Read more »

Do I Need To Worry About A Crown That Feels Loose?

If you have a dental crown put in place, it is meant to keep your tooth safe while also helping you enjoy a natural bite function. With that in mind, a crown that feels less supportive because it seems loose is a problem that should be addressed by your dentist. Leaving the restoration poorly secured… Read more »

Restorative Dentistry Can Provide Smile-Friendly Tooth Care

Restorative dental work is something you can avoid when you practice smart oral hygiene habits and also stay consistent with routine dental checkups. With that said, many people will wind up with at least one cavity in the course of their life, even if they feel good about the efforts that they put toward caring… Read more »

Nervous About A Root Canal? We Can Answer Your Questions

If you are experiencing the pain of an infected or injured tooth for the first time, you can be eager to put a stop to your discomfort. Unfortunately, people who are in need of restorative dental work sometimes delay that care because they have anxieties about what their treatment experience might be like. You should… Read more »

One-Visit Crowns Help Us Make Dental Care More Efficient

With the end of the decade fast approaching, you may feel as if time is moving at a remarkably fast pace. Of course, if you find yourself in need of restorative dental work, the period of time needed to address your problem tooth can feel far too long. Fortunately, our Shrewsbury, MA dentist’s office is… Read more »

How Long Will It Take To Place A Dental Filling?

A cavity’s formation on your tooth is something you definitely want taken care of, as the progressive damage of decay can lead to serious consequences for your oral health. With that said, people can be understandably frustrated to learn that they have an issue that requires room on their schedule for dental treatment. At our… Read more »