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Does It Hurt When You Bite And Chew? Talk To Your Dentist!

Biting and chewing are routine, unthinking actions that people perform automatically. However, if you have trouble with a tooth, or issues with your jaw that have gone unresolved, you can have a difficult time ignoring the discomfort you feel whenever you bite and chew! If a problem is serious enough, you can also feel discomfort… Read more »

What Will It Take To Fully Treat A Problem With Tooth Decay?

At our Shrewsbury, MA dental practice, we provide restorative dental work that puts a stop to the harm done by tooth decay. We also offer lifelike restorations that can keep your tooth protected in the long run. Even a minor issue with tooth decay ends with your tooth suffering permanent damage. While the material you… Read more »

Single-Day Crowns Can Restore Your Smile And Dental Health

When you learn about single-day dental crowns, you can be excited to discover that a problem with a vulnerable or damaged tooth can be solved in such a short time. In addition to making the process of restoring your smile easier, the E4D technology about our Shrewsbury, MA dental practice can ensure that your crown… Read more »

How Long Is Your Cavity Treatment Going To Take?

No matter how slow or busy your life happens to be in a given moment, it seems likely that you would prefer to have restorative dental work completed in the shortest time possible. Of course, while convenience can be appreciated, you should also be concerned about the quality of your care! At our Shrewsbury, MA… Read more »

3 Things To Think About When You Need A Cavity Treatment

What can you look forward to when you need to schedule a treatment for a cavity? People can feel less than excited to make an appointment to see their dentist for work that addresses tooth decay. While you may not find restorative dental work exciting, you should be aware that putting off treatment can be… Read more »

Keep Your Replacement Tooth In Place With A Dental Implant

How secure will your prosthetic tooth be once it has been placed? This is an important question, as the stability of your restoration can affect your ability to bite and chew, and even your comfort with speaking and laughing. You can be happy to know that a prosthetic held in place by a dental implant… Read more »

Using Same-Day Crowns To Make Treatment More Convenient

You can have every reason to want restorative dental work to be over as soon as possible. Because your Shrewsbury, MA dentist offers a modern approach to smile care, the experience you have during this work can be more pleasant than you may anticipate. With that said, finishing treatment can lead to a restored smile,… Read more »

Providing An Important Treatment For Advanced Tooth Decay

The proper approach to any restorative dental treatment will involve the complete removal of a cavity, and the placement of a dental filling or crown to support your tooth. Sometimes, fully dealing with a cavity means taking care of bacteria that have traveled to your tooth’s pulp, causing a painful infection. Your Shrewsbury, MA dentist’s… Read more »

Leave Your Cavity Treatment Feeling Confident In Your Smile

Why is the formation of a cavity so concerning? Because your teeth are incapable of naturally healing, and replacing the material lost to decay, an issue with a cavity leaves a tooth in a permanent state of vulnerability. Fortunately, restorative dental work can provide valuable support for your tooth, so you can continue to put… Read more »

Using A Hybrid Denture To Offer Advanced Prosthetic Support

Receiving dentures means restoring your complete smile after suffering serious tooth loss. For this reason, it is easy to understand the excitement someone might feel at receiving their dental prosthetic. However, over time the use of a dentures can become frustrating, as it may be difficult to keep secure, particularly as a person’s jawbone depletes… Read more »