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3 Strategies For Protecting Your Periodontal Health

Are you really taking care of your gums? When a person’s periodontal health is not properly managed, it can lead to consequences that may surprise you. Did you know that complications from periodontal disease can lead to the loss of teeth? Did you know that when gum disease progresses past gingivitis, and into a condition… Read more »

Can Preventive Dentistry Help You Prevent Gingivitis?

You can safely assume that preventive dentistry is capable of helping you avoid problems with tooth decay. What you might not realize is just how much good regular dental checkups and cleanings can do for your periodontal health. At our Shrewsbury, MA dentist’s office, patients who visit us for preventive care receive close attention through… Read more »

Should You Talk About Gingivitis With Your Dentist?

Does your dentist really need to know about everything that happens with your smile? For instance, if you are starting to experience symptoms of gingivitis, does it need to be brought up during your next routine dental exam? When gingivitis first becomes an issue, it is possible for you to fight the infection through better… Read more »

Should You Be Concerned About Your Periodontal Health?

How concerned should you be about your periodontal health? If you are brushing and flossing effectively, you can limit your risk for potential infection by keeping bacteria from accumulating beneath your gums. Preventing an infection is important, because untreated problems with gum disease can ultimately have a serious impact on your oral health! At our… Read more »

Addressing Gingivitis With An Ultrasonic Scaling

Why should you worry about the condition of your gums? If you develop gingivitis, and it is not addressed properly, your condition can worsen and become difficult to manage. A person who experiences this more advanced periodontal infection, known as periodontitis, can experience general health troubles as a result. They can also suffer attachment loss… Read more »

Great Periodontal Care Is Important For Your Oral Health

When you think about what it might take to protect your smile over the years, you may focus on efforts to avoid tooth decay. This type of preventive dental care is certainly important, but maintaining your oral health means more than just taking care of your teeth. You also need to stay focused on the… Read more »

We Can Help You Stay On Top Of Your Periodontal Health

Are you really protecting your smile if your gums are unhealthy? People can mistakenly assume that their current oral hygiene routine is effective, while failing to properly clean their teeth at their gum line. When this area is not receiving proper attention, bacteria can build up, and eventually move below and cause a periodontal infection…. Read more »

3 Smart Tips To Protect Your Gums From Infection

A proper oral care routine protects your teeth, and helps you avoid cavities. With that said, your oral health is concerned with more than just teeth – your gums also need attention. Failing to protect your periodontal tissues from infection can carry serious consequences. Of all the possible tooth loss threats you face, the most… Read more »

Making The Effort To Protect Your Periodontal Health

If you want to protect yourself against future tooth loss, you need to pay attention to the state of your periodontal health. Did you know that advanced gum disease causes more adult tooth loss than any other issue? Fortunately, smart oral care habits can keep you protected against this potentially serious problem. At home, you… Read more »