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Auto-Immune Illness And Oral Health

If you live with a long-term autoimmune disorder or disease, the effects may seem never ending. These conditions affect how the body protects itself. When these systems operate improperly (or not at all), the complications can extend into areas of life that seem completely disconnected from your condition. For this reason, it is crucial to… Read more »

What To Do When A Tooth Gets Knocked Out

Did you know that the number of teeth that get knocked out in adults and children is over five million each year? However, if you are aware of what actions to take if your tooth, or that of someone you are with, gets knocked out, there is a good chance that if you act quickly–within… Read more »

Root Canal VS Apicoectomy

Root canals are one of the most common treatments to save a compromised tooth. Root canals are performed when there is enough healthy tooth structure to save, but the pulp of the tooth has been compromised. How does the pulp of a tooth become compromised? If your tooth is damaged due to decay, a crack,… Read more »

Ultrasonic Vs. Manual Scaling: Which Would You Prefer?

When you visit your dentist for your biannual dental cleanings, he or she will scale your teeth. This is the part that makes many people uncomfortable, mostly because of the sound of the scraping of the scaling instrument against your teeth. It is the step during the cleaning procedure that comes before polishing. In the… Read more »

Are You Always Exhausted? Well, You Shouldn’t Be…Installment 2

It is natural to experience some tiredness at different times of the day. Our natural circadian rhythm plays a large role in that, particularly that sluggish, groggy feeling you get in the late morning and again in the late afternoon. However, if you are always feeling exhausted, chances are you are not getting enough REM… Read more »

Are You Always Exhausted? Well You Shouldn’t Be…Installment 1

Most people can tell the difference between a healthy tiredness from exercising, having a busy day with the kids, or even from a fun day at the beach, from an unhealthy exhaustion. If you are feeling an unhealthy exhaustion every day, yet feel as if you have been sleeping through the night, you may be… Read more »

Stiff, Achy Jaw? Find Out Why!

Do you wake up every morning with a stiff and achy jaw? You may clench and grind while you sleep (brux), or you may be suffering from a TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder. Not only can TMJ disorders be caused by bruxing, bruxing can also be a symptom of a TMJ. Bruxing is much easier to… Read more »

Are You Unfamiliar With Cosmetic Dentistry? Let’s Change That!

Cosmetic dentistry is a relatively new field which involves improving the appearance of a person’s teeth, gums, bite, or a combination thereof. While up until recently dentistry was all about keeping your teeth healthy and strong, there were no specific treatments to make your smile more attractive. All of that has changed, however. Today, although… Read more »

Oral Cancer Doesn’t Just Affect Older Men

There was a time when the common demographic for oral cancer was male smokers over the age of 55. Today that demographic has changed. Oral cancer now occurs more frequently in people under the age of 40, regardless of whether they smoke or not.  Oral cancer is a subset of all head and neck cancers… Read more »