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A Different Way To Treat TMJ and Bruxing

TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder) and bruxing, the chronic gnashing or grinding and clenching of your teeth, can often be related. TMJ can lead to bruxing and bruxing can lead to TMJ. Both can lead to pain and tension in facial muscles, jaw joints, head, neck, and shoulders, and bruxing can lead to severely worn and/or… Read more »

Teeth Contouring Vs Gum Contouring

Sometimes dental health and dental treatments may seem confusing. After all, some dental conditions have scientific names such as bruxing (which simply means grinding and clenching your teeth), or periodontitis (gum disease), and there are so many different treatment areas as well, such as endodontics, orthodontics, periodontics, etc. There may also be some confusion when… Read more »

One Stop Shopping

With today’s fast-paced society, work, family, after-school activities, technology that keeps us in touch with everyone, everywhere, let’s face it, it is hard to keep up with everything!  That’s why these one-stop-shopping stores have become so popular, because they are convenient. Well, here at Modern Dentistry of Shrewsbury, we offer the same convenience. We offer… Read more »

The History Of Root Canals

Based on a skull found in the Negev Desert in Israel with a bronze wire inside a tooth, it has been surmised that the wire was an attempt to treat an infected tooth, therefore, rendering it root canal treatment. The skull dates back to the second or third century B.C. It is believed that the… Read more »

Do You Know What A Dental Emergency Is? Take Our Quiz To See How Much You Know!

We all know how important our teeth are. Without them you can’t chew, which means you can’t eat, which means your health can suffer. Without them it is difficult to speak clearly, and it is too embarrassing to smile. There are several reasons why we may lose teeth, or need to visit a dentist, and… Read more »

Why You Might Need Restorative Dentistry

When you visit the dentist for your bi-annual checkup and cleaning appointments, you are being proactive by taking advantage of preventive dentistry treatments. X-rays, removing harmful plaque from your teeth, prophylaxis (professional cleaning), and fluoride treatments are all meant to keep your smile strong and healthy, and to protect your teeth from decay. However, regardless… Read more »

What Can Restorative Dentistry Do for Your Smile? Part Two

Are you worried that you may need restorative dentistry, to treat a dental symptom that has grown worse with time? Have you become tired of trying to cope with dental discomfort when you eat, unsightly damage like a chip or crack when you talk, or even noticeable plaque buildup when you smile? If so, stop… Read more »

Worried About Restorative Treatment? Don’t Be

If you’re experiencing dental pain or other symptoms, it’s time to seek restorative treatment. Prompt treatment is the only way to address most dental issues, and to restore your oral health. Since teeth cannot repair themselves the way other parts of the body can, a visit to the dentist is the best – and only… Read more »

Don’t You Dare Delay Restorative Dental Care

Do you love to take risks? Do your friends call you adventurous, even crazy at times? There are plenty of times risks can pay off, like the blind date that becomes your wife, or an entrepreneurial endeavor that becomes a successful business venture. But there are other times when it pays to be cautious, and… Read more »

Why You Shouldn’t Be Postponing That Root Canal

Have you been postponing a trip to the dentist because you’re worried you might need a root canal? Most cavities can be treated with a simple filling, but when the cavity has progressed to the point of an infection within the tooth, you may need root canal treatment. Though myths about the procedure abound, it… Read more »