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Don’t You Dare Delay Restorative Dental Care

Do you love to take risks? Do your friends call you adventurous, even crazy at times? There are plenty of times risks can pay off, like the blind date that becomes your wife, or an entrepreneurial endeavor that becomes a successful business venture. But there are other times when it pays to be cautious, and that is definitely true when it comes to your dental care. While you might be tempted to take a wait-and-see-what-happens approach to oral health concerns, there are plenty of compelling reasons to make restorative dental measures a priority, rather than risking the very real chance that things will only get worse.

Why Promptness Matters

While many parts of your body can repair themselves in time, your teeth cannot. That is why you need to see the dentist regularly, for preventive care (like checkups and cleanings), but also anytime you experience dental pain or discomfort.

By far, the most common dental problem is a cavity. If caught and treated quickly, a simple filling can usually protect the tooth after a cavity. However, if it’s left untreated, a cavity can lead to an infection, which puts your tooth at risk of falling out. Infected teeth generally require root canal treatment, which is far more extensive than a filling, but still less invasive than an extraction.

Dental crowns are one of the most frequently used forms of restoration. Aside from protecting teeth after fillings, crowns can also help protect teeth that have chipped or cracked. Without protection, fragile teeth are likely to chip further, which is yet another example why prompt treatment is necessary to maintaining your smile.