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It’s Time to Reconsider Cosmetic Dentistry: Part One

Lots of people think of teeth whitening when they hear the term “cosmetic dentistry.” Unfortunately some people also think of overly sized, artificial-looking veneers. But if it has been years since you last spoke with your dentist about cosmetic treatment, it’s time to learn how many options there now are for enhancing your smile while preserving the unique qualities that make it yours. If you are insecure because of staining, minor spacing issues, jagged teeth or even an uneven gum line, a cosmetic dentist could help give you a smile you’ll be excited to show off for many years to come. It’s time to stop wishing your smile was different, and to ask about cosmetic treatment, instead.

Know Your Options

Whitening – Professional whitening can offer dramatic results, often lightening teeth by up to eight shades. If staining or discoloration is your only concern, whitening may be all the cosmetic treatment you need.

Teeth Bonding – Dental bonding offers many of the same benefits as veneers, but at a much more affordable cost, and in far less time. That’s because bonding relies on the same composite resin used in many modern dental fillings. It can be matched to your teeth’s natural shade, then sculpted by the dentist to help make your teeth appear more symmetrical and even. Once it’s hardened and polished, it creates a natural-looking enhancement, but it is more prone to staining than the porcelain used to craft veneers.

Teeth Contouring – Like bonding, contouring is a quick and affordable treatment option, one that can be completed in a singe office visit. During this procedure the dentist carefully files away any portions of your teeth that make them look disproportionally large or uneven.