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How Contouring Can Help Improve Your Smile

With careful precision, contouring can make big improvements to your teeth and gums. Gum contouring involves a removal of excess or uneven periodontal tissue, while tooth contouring will involve your dentist shaving down a too-large tooth, or evening it out if it is uneven. If you find something is bothering you about your smile, but… Read more »

Will Veneers Be Enough To Fix All My Smile Concerns?

Dental veneers can feel like a big step – after all, your veneers are permanently affixed on your teeth. Of course, that big step comes with the promise of big changes. Patients who seek dental veneers are able to hide a range of flaws through one procedure, and come away with a dramatic improvement. Your… Read more »

Tailoring Cosmetic Dental Treatment To Your Needs

Figuring out the best cosmetic treatment for your smile can lead to a terrific improvement in how you look. That change can lead to increased confidence, which can serve you well in your personal life, and your professional life. There are several procedures your dentist can recommend. Depending on what you are interested in changing,… Read more »

A Whitening Treatment Offers Big Changes In One Appointment

You would expect that a treatment capable of making big changes to your appearance would take up a considerable amount of time, right? As improbable as it may seem, your dentist’s professional whitening treatment can make big changes to your appearance after just one visit. The procedure is capable of brightening the layers of your… Read more »

Targeting Minor – But Frustrating – Cosmetic Dental Flaws

One relatively minor flaw can cause the overall quality of your smile to take a painful hit. Something as simple as a slight chip on a tooth, or a tooth that seems discolored, can make you self-conscious. Your dentist can provide cosmetic care that targets problems like these. The right treatment can hide a flaw… Read more »

Veneers Can Have A Big Impact On Your Appearance

How many steps will you have to take to have a smile makeover? If you qualify for veneers, the answer could be just one. Veneers are thin ceramic shells, roughly wafer-like in thickness, that are placed on the front of teeth. Your dentist will permanently bond veneers to any teeth with problems you wish to… Read more »

Cosmetic Services For You To Consider

Have you been hiding your smile away because of a damaged tooth? Have you been living with a gummy smile and want to make a change? Do you want to straighten your crooked, misaligned teeth but don’t want to wear clunky metal braces? Whether you’re suffering from one of these issues then you should discuss… Read more »

Brighten Your Stained Teeth Fast!

No matter how much you brush, floss, or rinse you’re more than likely going to endure stained teeth at some point in your life. Although stained teeth aren’t a major concern for your overall oral health, it can have a big effect on your smile’s esthetics. Discoloration can leave you with a smile that is… Read more »

Preventive, Restorative, Or Cosmetic Dentistry: Which Do You Need?

If you’re not in the dental field, dental jargon can be quite confusing. There are numerous branches of dentistry such as periodontics, endodontics, orthodontics, etc. Then there are the types of dentistry that your general dentist can perform including preventive dentistry, restorative dentistry, and/or cosmetic dentistry. What does it all mean? And how do you… Read more »