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Seeing Your Dentist For Help With Dental Damage

We take steps every day to protect our teeth from cavities. Brushing, flossing, and restricting sugar will help you keep your risks for problems managed. Unfortunately, while brushing and flossing can keep our mouths clean, they do not keep our teeth safe from accidents. If you suffer dental damage after an accident, you can be… Read more »

Can Porcelain Veneers Make The Smile Changes I Want To See?

What good is cosmetic dental care that fails to make the changes you really want to see with your smile? Patients who feel unsure of how to best address cosmetic flaws may feel cynical about what their dentist can do for their appearance. If you assume cosmetic work is just about improving the color of… Read more »

Quiz: What Can Cosmetic Work Change About My Smile?

If you could make any improvement to your smile, what would you change? Patients who are interested in correcting flaws, or those who generally feel dissatisfied with the appearance of their teeth, can be pleasantly surprised by how much improvement your dentist can make to how you look. There are procedures available that can make… Read more »

3 Possible Reasons Your Teeth Have Lost Their Whiteness

One marker of a healthy, attractive smile that many people take notice of is the whiteness of your teeth. A bright smile is something people often desire, as it can do wonders for your appearance. Unfortunately, there are several potential threats that can dull your teeth, and leave you self-conscious about them. With the right… Read more »

Will My Smile Look Natural After Dental Bonding?

A dental bonding treatment can hide flaws that are hurting how you look. You may need to cover up a problem with a discolored tooth, physical damage, or even some adjustment issues. Will your cosmetic dental improvements provide you with changes that look natural? Individuals who hesitate to undergo cosmetic treatment may be wary that… Read more »

What If I’m Not Approved To Receive Porcelain Veneers?

For many patients, porcelain veneers are the answer to their cosmetic dental concerns. In fact, porcelain veneers offer many people a means of fixing several problems through a single treatment. That being said, there are some patients who will not be approved for veneers. In many cases, this is only a temporary obstacle. You may… Read more »

Quiz: Dealing With Different Cosmetic Dental Concerns

Will your dentist be able to offer a cosmetic dental treatment that addresses the issues you most want to change about your smile? In cases where problems affect your appearance, but not your oral health, cosmetic work can make big improvements. In addition to improving the color of your teeth, you can enjoy a treatment… Read more »

How Contouring Can Help Improve Your Smile

With careful precision, contouring can make big improvements to your teeth and gums. Gum contouring involves a removal of excess or uneven periodontal tissue, while tooth contouring will involve your dentist shaving down a too-large tooth, or evening it out if it is uneven. If you find something is bothering you about your smile, but… Read more »

Will Veneers Be Enough To Fix All My Smile Concerns?

Dental veneers can feel like a big step – after all, your veneers are permanently affixed on your teeth. Of course, that big step comes with the promise of big changes. Patients who seek dental veneers are able to hide a range of flaws through one procedure, and come away with a dramatic improvement. Your… Read more »