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Our Teeth Whitening Treatment Can Deliver Serious Results

The excitement a person feels before trying a store bought whitening product can set them up for disappointment when their treatment only yields limited improvements. If you are ready to significantly improve the color of your smile through cosmetic treatment, our Shrewsbury, MA dental practice can help! We offer a professional whitening treatment that is… Read more »

Find Out How Veneers Help People Achieve Their Ideal Smile

Many people have some interest in cosmetic dental work, but some have more concerns than others about the current state of their smile. If you are someone who feels that their teeth exhibit many different flaws, you may fear that the process of achieving your best smile might be a long and difficult one. You… Read more »

Addressing Unsightly Teeth With Bonding And Contouring Work

All it takes is one conspicuous problem with a tooth to make you self-conscious about your smile. What can you do to make sure a relatively minor issue is no longerĀ  impacting your appearance and confidence? At our Shrewsbury, MA dental office, we have different options for cosmetic dental care, including work that targets the… Read more »

Finding The Ideal Solution For Your Dental Discoloration

The field of cosmetic dentistry can address many different issues that affect a person’s confidence in the way their teeth look. Dental discoloration is an issue that often inspires people to ask about their treatment options, but it might surprise you to learn that this problem is not always a result of teeth stains. In… Read more »

What Can You Expect From Cosmetic Work Involving Veneers?

How much improvement can you really expect to see when you have cosmetic dental work done? At our Shrewsbury, MA dental practice, we provide our patients with access to several procedures that can help with different issues that might make them self-conscious about the way they look. With porcelain veneers, you can actually address several… Read more »

We Can Correct Misshapen Teeth To Improve Your Smile

Sometimes, a person’s smile is unfortunately impacted by the presence of a tooth, or several teeth, that appear misshapen. This problem can make you self-conscious because it makes your smile look uneven, or because the flaw attracts undesired attention. While this can be a congenital issue, it can also be the result of dental damage,… Read more »

How Can I Keep My Smile Bright After A Whitening Treatment?

Seeing the results that are possible with a professional whitening treatment can have you excited for your procedure, but you may have lingering concerns about how long those results will really last. After all, you still have to be concerned with a buildup of new stains from popular products like coffee, tea, soft drinks, and… Read more »

We Can Use Custom Veneers To Make Big Smile Improvements

How happy are you with your current smile? Over time, people often find that small changes to the color of their teeth, or even their shape, can make them unhappy. You may feel that your smile now lacks a youthful look, or seems less healthy, due to problems with the look of certain teeth. If… Read more »

The Right Contouring Work Can Noticeably Improve Your Smile

By strategically performing contouring work on your smile, your Shrewsbury, MA dentist can help you show off incredible cosmetic dental improvements. Contouring addresses different concerns than other cosmetic procedures, which can address issues by covering them up. When tooth contouring is performed, your dentist will carefully reduce the size of a tooth, or make it… Read more »

Your Whitening Treatment Can Offer Results In Under An Hour!

If you want to make significant changes to your smile’s appearance, you probably have to go through a lengthy treatment process…right? While you might assume that cosmetic dental work requires considerable work to change your appearance, you can be surprised at just how convenient – and short – a procedure can be. For example, your… Read more »