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Create Holiday Fun with the Spring Street PTO’s Winter Craft Night

Want to spend some time this holiday season crafting up some holiday decorations or personalized gifts for the folks on your shopping list? Well Spring Street School’s PTO will be providing a perfect opportunity, through their Winter Craft Night, being held from 6 to 8 p.m. on Friday, December 4, 2015. You don’t have to… Read more »

Family Dentist Frequently Asked Questions

Help your children enjoy a lifetime of good dental health: Visit a family dentist who understands the gentle care and treatment necessary for children, while also being able to treat all family members for your family’s convenience. Pediatric dentistry should not be overlooked, because tooth decay is prevalent amongst children, and poor dental hygiene can… Read more »

Top Reasons Why People Skip Dental Visits

Your mouth is a gateway to your health: All the foods and beverages you consume to fuel your body pass through your mouth; aches and pains in your mouth can affect your surrounding body parts; and the illness and disease that develops in your mouth can spread throughout your body. One of the best things… Read more »

Teeth Brushing 101

You brush your teeth every day – or so we hope – and usually twice a day. But have you ever stopped to ask yourself whether your brushing habits are living up to their full potential? Do you ever feel like you rush through your nightly brushing, or wonder why your teeth don’t feel as… Read more »

What You Were REALLY Wondering During Interstellar…

You’ve almost certainly heard of Interstellar, the latest mind bender from Inception director Christopher Nolan. Maybe you even ventured out to see it, and as you left the theater three hours three hours later, you were undoubtedly wondering… How the heck do astronauts brush their teeth in space? Okay, so maybe that wasn’t the most… Read more »

Lifestyle Choices for a Healthy Jaw

It’s time for lunch, and you skipped breakfast. Your stomach was rumbling so loudly in the office all morning that your co-workers were giggling. You are starving. You can’t wait to make a b-line to the restaurant up the street where you can order a burger so big, you can barely open your mouth up… Read more »