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4 Ways To Make Brushing Fun For Kids

Children aren’t born knowing how to take care of themselves, or even knowing that they need to take care of themselves. They aren’t born knowing that they need to take care of their teeth, either. It is up to the parents to teach their children such things as how and when to bath, wash their… Read more »

What Purpose Do Baby Teeth Serve?

Have you ever wondered why humans have two sets of teeth, primary teeth (also referred to as baby teeth) and permanent teeth? Our permanent teeth are big and strong and meant to last a lifetime, but what purpose do our baby teeth serve? Consider the size of your jaw when you were born compared to… Read more »

Pediatric Dental Care

Children learn the value of good oral hygiene from their parents. If you take excellent care of their teeth, your children will learn to take excellent care of theirs. If you put high value on keeping your teeth healthy, your smile white, and your gums disease free, your children will do the same. So, it’s… Read more »

Did You Know Your Child Can Spread Cavity-Causing Bacteria?

It was originally believed that only mothers and their children could swap cavity-causing bacteria, but new research has indicated otherwise. In fact, a recent research study showed that 72 percent of children participants harbored at least one strain of the bacteria Streptococcus mutans that causes cavities, that was not found in any other family member who… Read more »

Healthy Snacks For Your Child’s Teeth

School is in session, and even when it’s not, children love to snack. Oftentimes, it is easier to toss them a bite-sized Snickers bar than it is to cut up veggies. However, not only should you consider the overall health benefits of specific snacks for your children, you should also think about what those snacks… Read more »

Smile Tips from Your Children’s Dentist: Part Two

If you’re tired of your young children arguing with you each night, about whether or not they really have to brush their teeth, try making their dental hygiene routine more fun. Letting your kids choose their own toothbrushes, the next time you go to the store, can help them feel more ownership over their own… Read more »

Smile Tips from Your Children’s Dentist: Part One

Do you sometimes worry that your kids’ smiles are not as healthy as they could be? It can often be difficult to determine if your children are caring for their smiles as well as they should. It can be even more challenging to determine if they are struggling with any dental issues, like a cavity…. Read more »

Keep the Kids Smiling with Pediatric Dentist-Approved Gifts

While Santa is busy bringing the kids items off their wish lists, you could be sneaking some wonderful dental tools into their stockings. Though few things compare to seeing the delight and joy on your kids’ faces as they open those fancy packages they’ve been dreaming of for months, as a parent you know that… Read more »

Trick or Treat or Something Else That’s Neat?

October is prime time for all kinds of sweet treats, from prizes at fall fairs to Halloween loot. But health-conscious parents, you don’t have to fill your neighborhood trick-or-treaters’ pumpkins and pales with teeth-rotting sugar. Instead, consider a slew of dentist-approved alternatives to traditional candy treats, ones that are just as fun and a lot… Read more »

Pediatric Dentistry Helps Your Kids Develop Healthy Smiles

Suffering from Bruxism? Dental Treatment Can Help

Are you and your kids finally getting back into the swing of things, now that school has been back in session for a few weeks? It can be hard getting into a normal routine after a carefree summer, but it makes the mornings go much smoother, and less stressful, when everyone has finally adjusted to… Read more »