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Making Dental Visits More Comfortable For Kids

A child’s aversion to dental visits can easily extend into adulthood. If their unease does persist, they may be less likely to undergo dental exams, and face greater risks for problems calling for restorative dental care. Your dentist can help make these appointments more enjoyable by creating a welcoming, fun environment where kids feel comfortable…. Read more »

Tailoring Care To Best Serve Your Child’s Oral Health Needs

What makes pediatric dental care different from the kind of care adults typically require? One issue to keep in mind is that because kids are still growing, their oral structures are still developing. Your dentist can catch early signs that they might run into problems that call for care, and help make sure they grow up… Read more »

When Should Your Kid First Visit A Dentist?

Did you know that although your child might just be starting to have their baby teeth come in, underneath them, their adult teeth are also beginning to develop within their jawbones? The health of their baby teeth now can have a profound effect on the quality of their adult teeth. Around their second birthday, or… Read more »

How Can I Help My Kids Fight Tooth Decay?

During their early years, your child’s teeth are more susceptible to cavities and decay. This risk is heightened even more when they regularly enjoy sugary candies and sodas. It can be hard to tell your kid “no” to something that seems so harmless. Even so, these treats can do serious damage to their teeth, containing… Read more »

What To Do When A Tooth Gets Knocked Out

Did you know that the number of teeth that get knocked out in adults and children is over five million each year? However, if you are aware of what actions to take if your tooth, or that of someone you are with, gets knocked out, there is a good chance that if you act quickly–within… Read more »

The Importance Of Pediatric Dentistry

Most of our good and bad habits develop in childhood, and when they do they are hard to change. That’s why it is important for you to help your child develop proper dental and oral hygiene habits. Our teeth are important, and you want your child to have their original teeth for life. With proper… Read more »

4 Ways To Make Brushing Fun For Kids

Children aren’t born knowing how to take care of themselves, or even knowing that they need to take care of themselves. They aren’t born knowing that they need to take care of their teeth, either. It is up to the parents to teach their children such things as how and when to bath, wash their… Read more »

What Purpose Do Baby Teeth Serve?

Have you ever wondered why humans have two sets of teeth, primary teeth (also referred to as baby teeth) and permanent teeth? Our permanent teeth are big and strong and meant to last a lifetime, but what purpose do our baby teeth serve? Consider the size of your jaw when you were born compared to… Read more »

Pediatric Dental Care

Children learn the value of good oral hygiene from their parents. If you take excellent care of their teeth, your children will learn to take excellent care of theirs. If you put high value on keeping your teeth healthy, your smile white, and your gums disease free, your children will do the same. So, it’s… Read more »

Did You Know Your Child Can Spread Cavity-Causing Bacteria?

It was originally believed that only mothers and their children could swap cavity-causing bacteria, but new research has indicated otherwise. In fact, a recent research study showed that 72 percent of children participants harbored at least one strain of the bacteria Streptococcus mutans that causes cavities, that was not found in any other family member who… Read more »