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An Alternative To A Loose Denture

Dentures can offer so much to a person who has gone through serious tooth loss. With your restoration, you regain your complete smile, which means you can regain confidence and comfort in your daily life. However, when you depend on a removable denture, you can experience some frustration when it begins to feel loose, or… Read more »

Move On From Dentures That No Longer Feel Comfortable

While your dentures may have felt secure and comfortable throughout the day when you first received them, you may worry because they no longer feel as stable as they used to. Loose or insecure dentures can frustrate you because they can make speaking and eating difficult, and because they leave you worried about potential embarrassment… Read more »

Switch To Implant-Held Dentures In The New Year

People who rely on removable dentures to restore their smile can find that their prosthetic feels less comfortable over time. The dental prosthetic that you receive will be custom-made to ensure that it fits properly. Unfortunately, jawbone deterioration that occurs over time can affect its stability, which may lead to issues with slipping or insecurity…. Read more »

Make Time To Discuss Prosthetic Work With Your Dentist

Is it finally time for you to do something about your incomplete smile? Issues with tooth loss can impact your life in several ways, and some issues can actually grow progressively worse as you continue to do nothing about a missing tooth, or missing teeth. Your ability to bite and chew comfortably can be compromised,… Read more »

Using A Hybrid Denture To Offer Advanced Prosthetic Support

Receiving dentures means restoring your complete smile after suffering serious tooth loss. For this reason, it is easy to understand the excitement someone might feel at receiving their dental prosthetic. However, over time the use of a dentures can become frustrating, as it may be difficult to keep secure, particularly as a person’s jawbone depletes… Read more »

What To Do When A Tooth Gets Knocked Out

Did you know that the number of teeth that get knocked out in adults and children is over five million each year? However, if you are aware of what actions to take if your tooth, or that of someone you are with, gets knocked out, there is a good chance that if you act quickly–within… Read more »

Are You Partially Edentulous?

Edentulous means that you have no original teeth remaining in your oral cavity. Therefore, you are completely toothless. Partially edentulous is really an oxymoron like jumbo shrimp. You cannot be “partially,” edentulous but you can be partially toothless. Confusing? The plain fact is that if you are missing several of your teeth and they are… Read more »

Weighing The Pros And Cons To Find Out If A Dental Bridge Is For You

If you are having trouble with a tooth and a root canal is not an option, or if you have lost a tooth, or need one pulled, there are two particular treatment options available to replace a single missing tooth: a dental bridge and an implant. Dental bridges are a minimally invasive procedure in contrast… Read more »

A Prosthodontist’s Take on Replacing Lost Teeth

In the world of dentistry, there are specialties dedicated to specific types of oral health issues. For instance, a prosthodontist specializes in the art of replacing lost teeth with highly-lifelike prosthetics. Given the intricacies of your teeth and the need to replace the ones you lose, a prosthodontist may be your best option at rebuilding… Read more »