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Dental Implants and Dentures

Even if you’ve lost all of your teeth on one or both of your dental ridges, you can rest easy knowing your smile can be rebuilt with one or a pair of dentures. Consisting of a row of lifelike replacement teeth, dentures are custom-designed to specifically fit your smile, and are invaluable for patients who’ve… Read more »

Stop Wishing for a Complete Smile and Call the Prosthetic Dentist

Find yourself feeling like a kid again this Christmas, wishing Santa could bring you new teeth? Many adults struggle with tooth loss as they age, which can unfortunately lead to a host of other issues, such as misalignment, discomfort, embarrassment and even poor nutrition. That doesn’t have to be the case, though, and you don’t… Read more »

Worried By Tooth Loss? Prosthetics Can Help You Bounce Back

Coping with tooth loss can be a metaphorical pain, even under the best of circumstances, for instance if you’ve had an extraction planned to remove a painfully abscessed tooth. It can still be frightening facing the prospect of an incomplete smile, or just as bad, an ill-fitting prosthetic. Thankfully, modern dentistry means there are now… Read more »

Could Dentures Help Complete Your Smile?

After adult tooth loss, whether it’s a single tooth or several, one of the most difficult adjustments is how to eat. What was once second nature becomes much more challenging when your smile is incomplete. Thankfully, there are a number of restorative dentistry options to help complete a smile cosmetically, and to restore its full… Read more »

Which Dentures Are Right for You?

Missing teeth can be problematic for many people, often leading to insecurities about their smiles and more severe issues like malnutrition. If you find yourself in this position, however, there is hope. Restorative dental treatment can help to cosmetically complete your smile, but that is not all. It can also help restore your ability to… Read more »

Rebuild Your Smile By Replacing Missing Teeth

These days, more people are retaining more of their natural teeth and beautiful smiles than ever before. Thanks to advancements in technology and a better understanding of oral health, tooth loss is significantly reduced. Of course, prevention is always the best treatment. However, even if you lose a tooth due to infection or traumatic injury,… Read more »

More Common Questions About Dentures

The beauty of modern replacement teeth is that, regardless of how many teeth you’ve lost and where they were positioned in your mouth, there is a replacement option for restoring your smile’s beauty and function. In the case of dentures, which were among the first prosthetic dentistry designs in history, the conventional prostheses were originally… Read more »

Answers to Common Questions About Dentures

As advanced and lifelike as they are, you may still feel a bit of apprehension about having to wear dentures for the first time in your life. Nevertheless, if you’ve lost enough teeth to require partial or full dentures, then you may be surprised at how much they can improve your confidence and quality of… Read more »

What Are Dental Prosthetics?

Preventive dentistry, like your dental checkup and cleaning appointments, help you prevent issues that could lead to damage or infection in your teeth or oral tissues. Cosmetic dentistry improves your smile’s appearance, and restorative dentistry helps fix broken or infected teeth to prevent their loss. However, if one or more teeth are lost, then you… Read more »

Can a Cavity Lead to Tooth Loss?

Because cavities usually hurt, most people will treat one before it reaches a too-severe stage. If you’re especially bold and decide to just deal with the pain of tooth decay, however, then it can have the chance to cause excessive, and irreversible, damage to your tooth. While it isn’t the most common cause, an extreme… Read more »