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Dental Implants Make Permanent Prosthetic Support Possible

Providing stability for a dental prosthetic can make it a more comfortable presence, and one that feels more natural. That support can also help by making it easier to bite and chew food. Dental implants are put in place to operate as artificial roots for the prosthetic you receive. In addition to offering functional value, they provide protection against the deterioration of your jawbone, a condition that will take place over time when tooth loss occurs. Patients with implants support for prosthetic can enjoy long-lasting benefits of a fully restored smile, and dependable jaw function.

How Implants Protect Your Jawbone

If you lose teeth, you are vulnerable to daily difficulties, as well as larger oral health issues. Patients who have suffered tooth loss can experience a deterioration of their jawbone over time. With implants, you will be able to stop this process from taking place.

Using Dental Implants For Different Types Of Dental Prosthetics

A single dental implant is certainly up to the task of supporting a replacement tooth. What you might not realize is that with a sequence of dental implants, it can be possible to hold a larger restoration in place. In fact, even a set of dentures can be held in position with dental implants.

Preparing For Your Implant Placement

Before your dentist can approve providing you with dental implants, your oral health will need to be examined. If you have current issues with poor periodontal health, or a deteriorated jawbone, you may need to undergo work before moving forward with prosthetic work. Your dentist can discuss the appropriate treatment with you based on that initial evaluation. It should also be noted that some patients will not be approved for implant placement because of health issues that interfere with their ability to undergo a surgical procedure.

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