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Regular Dental Cleanings Offer Serious Smile Protection

Your hygienist can offer excellent dental care, and make it easier for you to keep your smile free of issues with tooth decay and gum disease. At every routine dental exam, you will have your teeth carefully cleaned with professional tools. Your smile will be thoroughly treated, with hard to reach areas given the attention… Read more »

The Relationship Between Tartar And Gum Disease

When we think about the bacteria and food debris in our mouths, we may tend to focus on how their presence affects our cavity risk. What you should know is that accumulated bacteria can also present a threat to your periodontal health. Plaque, a sticky accumulation of bacteria, can lead to problems, but you can… Read more »

Flossing Daily Will Help You Maintain Superior Oral Care

Are you leaving yourself vulnerable to unexpected tooth decay? You may feel confident in your daily oral care practices, as you brush regularly, watch out for sugar, and attend regular dental exams. Unfortunately, if you fail to floss, you leave areas of teeth insufficiently protected. Flossing comes highly recommended because it gives you a means… Read more »

What Makes Dental Checkups So Beneficial To Your Smile?

What is it, exactly, that makes routine dental checkups so valuable to your smile, and your oral health? If you are taking care of your smile by brushing, flossing, and watching your sugar intake, should you really worry about coming in for regular exams? There are several benefits you gain from these checkups, even if… Read more »

3 Things To Take Seriously When It Comes To Oral Care

Good oral care is not complicated, and it is almost certainly within your reach. One of the most important things you should understand about oral care is that consistency is key. If you are lax about your dental cleaning habits, or inconsistent in your diet, you create opportunities for cavities to form. Consistency is also… Read more »

Watch Out For Sugar During Snack Breaks At Work

During a long day at work, a quick snack break can give us energy, helps us recharge our focus, and can generally help us feel more capable of tackling our responsibilities. When you make smart, healthy snacking choices, these breaks can be good for you mentally and physically. Smarter snacking also helps you prevent dental… Read more »

A Professional Dental Cleaning Offers Vital Preventive Value

You do a world of good for your smile when you take the time to properly brush and floss. That being said, those efforts – while certainly important – are not enough to replace what your hygienist can do for you during a professional dental cleaning. One big benefit to your professional cleaning is that… Read more »

Quiz: Recognizing Symptoms Of Oral Health Concerns

Even if you are confident in the health of your smile, you should take the time to go in for routine dental exams. Typically recommended every six months, these visits include a professional teeth cleaning, as well as a careful study of your oral health, so that you can be made aware of any potential… Read more »

What Should You Expect From Your Preventive Dental Checkups?

If you are not currently taking advantage of preventive dental care, you may be unaware of what your teeth have missed out on. At each routine dental checkup, the standard practice will involve both a cleaning of your teeth, and a close look by your dentist for any oral health threats you currently face. These… Read more »

Quiz: Are You Doing Enough For Your Oral Health?

Imagine you have a dental appointment in one hour – how confident are you that your dentist will approve of the condition of your smile? If you feel that your oral health care could stand for some improvement, taking action can have real benefits. Improving preventive dental care can involve stepping up the effort you… Read more »