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3 Reasons To Be Consistent With Dental Cleanings And Exams

How much time and effort are you really putting into protecting your smile from threats like tooth decay and gum disease? Each day should see you brush at least two times and floss at least once. A good hygiene routine is important, but it should be noted that there are other actions you should take to protect your smile. From day to day, you should think about how your diet choices are affecting your smile. You should also make sure you have your regular dental exams scheduled. At our Shrewsbury, MA dentist’s office, we can provide important preventive care to help you avoid trouble with your dental health, and we can step in and provide treatment if a problem does form.

1. Your Teeth Cleanings Protect You From Tartar Buildup

Brushing and flossing protect you against plaque formation, remove food debris that might be stuck between or on teeth, and give you a good defense against oral bacteria. While your efforts to clean your smile do protect you from tartar formation, you may have deposits that have formed that need to be addressed by your hygienist. By coming in for routine cleanings every six months, you can stay protected against this harmful substance!

2. Your Dentist Can Identify A Cavity Before It Causes Discomfort

You may be surprised to hear that a cavity can form without you realizing it, but this can happen. Once decay forms, it will have to be treated by your dentist even before it becomes painful. If we identify a cavity during your checkup, we can recommend treatment with a dental filling before the harm spreads and does become uncomfortable. People who only see a dentist when they have painful symptoms of advanced decay can wind up needing more involved restorative services, including treatment with a root canal procedure.

3. You Receive Regular Checks For Gum Disease And Other Oral Health Concerns

During your visit, we take care to look for more than just tooth decay! As part of your review, we can look out for any signs of gum disease that should be addressed. If trouble is identified, we can provide an ultrasonic scaling, a more involved cleaning that can take care of the bacteria causing your infection. We can also help you manage problems like TMJ disorder and bruxism, which can cause you to suffer pain and limited motion in your jaw, as well as headaches, dental damage, and more!

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At Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury in Shrewsbury, MA, we are proud to provide a range of preventive and restorative services that help our patients keep their smiles in good health! To find out more about what we can do for you during a preventive appointment, or to schedule treatment, call our Shrewsbury, MA dentist’s office today at (508) 842-8838.