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Arrange Treatment For Tooth Pain Or Sensitivity

Simply trying to live with tooth pain, and not having the problem reviewed, can lead to alarming consequences. When a tooth is frequently sore or sensitive, it can be a warning that an infection has occurred because of decay or physical injury. At our Shrewsbury, MA dentist’s office, individuals who are experiencing dental discomfort can come to us for the appropriate restorative dental treatment. When this problem affects you, a root canal procedure can be performed to stop an infection from doing further harm. In addition to stopping your ongoing discomfort, this procedure can save a tooth while also keeping you from experiencing unwelcome complications caused by your infection.

Why Am I Dealing With So Much Discomfort?

If you are being bothered by dental discomfort, or if you have concerns about your tooth because it has become sensitive to many foods and drinks, it may be caused by an infection. An infection can happen if a cavity goes too long without treatment. It can also happen if a tooth is physically injured, especially if your enamel is cracked.

Scheduling Your Root Canal Treatment

If you are dealing with persistent discomfort concentrated on a single tooth, we can help with a root canal treatment. Our practice is ready to provide this care if you are experiencing problems with decay, an injury, or some other issue that might be affecting your tooth’s health. The procedure removes harmful bacteria and infected tissues from your pulp, the central chamber of the tooth. After this is done, we can move forward with restoring the tooth with a dental crown. We use E4D technology at our practice to create lifelike dental crowns in just one visit, which can effectively shorten your treatment time.

This Is How Regular Checkups Help You Avoid Painful Tooth Problems

If you stay informed about your oral health by attending regular dental exams, you can avoid painful complications from a toothache. At six month intervals, you should have appointments where your teeth can be thoroughly cleaned and reviewed. These services offer long-term protection that make tooth decay and gum disease less likely over time. They can also lead to the discovery and treatment of problems that have formed, but have not yet caused uncomfortable symptoms.

Talk To Your Shrewsbury, MA Dentist About Tooth Pain Or Sensitivity

At our Shrewsbury, MA dentist’s office, individuals who are experiencing tooth pain or sensitivity can come to us for treatment. We can provide the appropriate endodontic care, meaning we can take on problems within your tooth that have affected your well-being. This can mean stopping a serious cavity, or addressing the effects of a dental injury before they cause worrying complications. For more information, call Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury at (508) 842-8838.