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Auto-Immune Illness And Oral Health

If you live with a long-term autoimmune disorder or disease, the effects may seem never ending. These conditions affect how the body protects itself. When these systems operate improperly (or not at all), the complications can extend into areas of life that seem completely disconnected from your condition. For this reason, it is crucial to… Read more »

Starting An Oral Health Rehabilitation Plan

Oral health rehabilitation plans helps you coordinate with your dentist on a sequence of treatments. For people who have allowed problems to build up with their smile, this can be important. When you neglect to keep up with proper daily care, and skip regular dental checkups, you can find yourself needing several restorative dental treatments…. Read more »

Oral Cancer Doesn’t Just Affect Older Men

There was a time when the common demographic for oral cancer was male smokers over the age of 55. Today that demographic has changed. Oral cancer now occurs more frequently in people under the age of 40, regardless of whether they smoke or not.  Oral cancer is a subset of all head and neck cancers… Read more »

The Purpose Of A Root Canal

When speaking of a root canal it almost seems as if patients think they were developed just to torture them! However, modern-day root canals aren’t any more painful than a simple dental filling. Root canals were developed to save your natural tooth structure rather than to extract a tooth that has not undergone any dramatic… Read more »

An Oral Hygiene Quiz For You

While most of us, let’s hope, have been brushing and flossing since our permanent teeth have erupted, many of us don’t realize that we are not doing it properly. Many of us pride ourselves on our oral hygiene habits, but are you sure you’re doing things right? Let’s find out. Take our oral hygiene quiz… Read more »

Is It Time For You To Replace Your Toothbrush?

We were not taught to change our toothbrushes as often as we change our socks, but then again, there is no need to use a new toothbrush every day. However, many of us often forget to change our toothbrush at all, or at least for a very long time. While it seems there is no… Read more »

Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury Takes Part In The Shrewsbury Fall Fest!

Who said dentistry isn’t fun? Doctors, staff, and volunteers representing Modern Dentistry of Shrewsbury had a great time participating in the Spirit of Shrewsbury Fall Festival, and did they have spirit! First a little bit about Shrewsbury, a town with a population of 33, 000 located in Eastern MA between Worcester and the Route 495… Read more »

Did You Know Your Child Can Spread Cavity-Causing Bacteria?

It was originally believed that only mothers and their children could swap cavity-causing bacteria, but new research has indicated otherwise. In fact, a recent research study showed that 72 percent of children participants harbored at least one strain of the bacteria Streptococcus mutans that causes cavities, that was not found in any other family member who… Read more »

Restorative Care Can Put Your Smile Back In Order

Even with great preventive care it’s not always possible to completely prevent dental problems. Almost everyone will experience a cavity at least once in life. Gum disease is unfortunately also quite common. But, with prompt restorative dental care, problems like these don’t have to mean the end of your beautiful smile. In fact, many restorative… Read more »

What Happens During A Dental Cleaning?

If you are long overdue for a dental checkup or cleaning, it’s only natural to feel a bit anxious about what your appointment will entail. “Will the cleaning hurt? Will the dentist know I haven’t been flossing? Am I going to have cavities in all my teeth?” Rather than jumping to conclusions, or living with… Read more »