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Does It Hurt When You Bite And Chew? Talk To Your Dentist!

Biting and chewing are routine, unthinking actions that people perform automatically. However, if you have trouble with a tooth, or issues with your jaw that have gone unresolved, you can have a difficult time ignoring the discomfort you feel whenever you bite and chew! If a problem is serious enough, you can also feel discomfort… Read more »

Providing Relief From Your Painful TMJ Problems

Your life can be more difficult, and decidedly less fun, when you have to spend each day dealing with pain related to TMJ dysfunction. Your typical symptoms can include pain that limits your jaw movement, headaches, and discomfort that reaches your neck and shoulders. At our Shrewsbury, MA dental practice, we can work with you… Read more »

Protecting Your Smile Against Damage Done By Bruxism

If nothing is done to stop the problem from occurring, bruxism can become a big issue for your appearance, as well as your oral health. People who are affected by bruxism can continually grind their teeth while they sleep, unknowingly putting pressure on their jaw joints, and wearing down their teeth. Over time, the friction… Read more »

TMJ Troubles, Teeth Grinding, And Your Oral Health

Painful, limited jaw motions, frequent headaches, and a tendency to grind your teeth at night. These symptoms can all be connected to unaddressed issues with your temporomandibular joints, or jaw joints. TMJ dysfunction refers to any problems with your jaw joints, or the muscles that move your jaw. In addition to causing regular discomfort, these… Read more »

What Can Happen If I Continue To Grind My Teeth At Night?

What kind of problems can you face if you unconsciously grind your teeth during the night, while you sleep? The immediate effects can be apparent, as you can wake to unpleasant sensations of pain and sensitivity in your teeth, face, and jaw. If you continue to ignore the problem, and you allow further grinding to… Read more »

3 Worrying Issues Caused By Untreated TMJ Issues

When a nagging pain continues to disrupt your life, you can grow understandably concerned. Chronic headaches, and recurring pains in your face, neck, and shoulder, can all be caused by TMJ dysfunction. While the symptoms are spread throughout your neck and head, this problem is rooted in your jaw joints. When you have an issue… Read more »

Quiz: Receiving Treatment For Bruxism And TMD

Individuals who suffer TMD, or temporomandibular joint dysfunction, can develop the problem in many different ways. It could be a consequence of stress, an injury, poor bite alignment, or arthritis in their joints. Individuals who grind their teeth may develop TMD, but TMD is also a possible cause of teeth grinding, or bruxism. Because these… Read more »

Recognizing That Nighttime Teeth Grinding Is A Real Problem

Nighttime teeth grinding can be an irritating problem, one that can certainly make your mornings less fun. Waking up with pain or sensitivity in your teeth and jaws can hurt your mood, and may make it uncomfortable to eat breakfast. If your teeth grinding issues are connected to TMJ dysfunction, those troubles could actually last… Read more »

Why Does It Hurt To Move My Jaw?

Over time, a minor discomfort experienced when you move your jaw can start to demand more of your attention, and create more pain and sensitivity. Problems with TMJ dysfunction have put many people in the unenviable situation of having limited jaw movement, or having to endure pain when they bite, chew, or speak. This condition… Read more »

Botox And Dermal Fillers Can Help Address Dental Troubles

Botox and dermal fillers can do wonders for your appearance, making you look younger by smoothing and easing your skin. However, the benefits of a treatment are not merely cosmetic. If you suffer from issues like TMJ disorder, bruxism, or other concerns that cause tension and stress in facial muscles, Botox and dermal fillers can… Read more »