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Protect Your Smile By Addressing Nightly Teeth Grinding

By brushing your teeth each morning, you fight the accumulated bacteria that can form in the course of their rest. For some people, that buildup of harmful microbes is not the only concern for their smile at night. People who experience issues with bruxism can grind or clench their teeth while at rest, which can lead to several issues. One is that you can wear down your enamel through repeated friction and end up with chips or cracks in teeth that hurt your smile – in some cases, damages can even threaten the health of your tooth. You can also cause problems for yourself by putting stress on your jaw joints and muscles, which can lead to persistent pain because of TMJ disorder. At our Shrewsbury, MA dentist’s office, patients who are affected by bruxism can receive a custom oral appliance that keeps their teeth protected.

Grinding Or Clenching Your Teeth At Night Can Lead To Damage

Even though our teeth are tough, they are still vulnerable to wear and tear over time. The acts of biting and chewing lead to some friction which can gradually affect your teeth. While friction from eating can obviously be hard to avoid, you can protect yourself from the damage that bruxism can deal to your smile. It is important to let your dentist know if you think you have been grinding your teeth at night. You should be concerned about this issue if you regularly wake up with sore or sensitive teeth, if you feel chronic jaw pain, or if you start to see signs of wear and tear that affect your smile. Your dentist can also recognize the potential signs of bruxism during a routine dental exam by checking on the condition of your enamel.

We Can Provide You With A Custom Guard To Stop Bruxism From Affecting You

By creating and providing you with a custom oral appliance, we can keep your teeth safe from damage caused by bruxism. An appliance effectively keeps your teeth apart while you are asleep, which means there is no concern about friction from grinding or clenching. The adjustment of your appliance can also help you avoid further tension on your jaw joints and muscles, which can help you manage chronic pains.

Talk To Your Dentist About Restoring Teeth Damaged Due To Bruxism

If your teeth are already damaged because of bruxism, treatment can help. The problem can be addressed through cosmetic dental work if friction has only led to superficial damages. However, if there are any concerns about the health of your teeth, we may recommend care through the placement of dental crowns.

Your Shrewsbury, MA Dentist Can Help You Deal With Bruxism

At our Shrewsbury, MA dentist’s office, patients who are affected by bruxism can come to us for help! To learn how we can protect your smile against damage from grinding or clenching, call Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury today at (508) 842-8838.