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We Can Help You If You Currently Struggle With Jaw Pain

If something as simple as opening and closing your mouth starts to hurt, or if you find it increasingly difficult to operate your jaw, it may be time to discuss TMJ dysfunction with your dentist. TMJ dysfunction does not have a single cause – several issues can lead to stress or poor jaw alignment. With that said, the problem can be identified and addressed by your Shrewsbury, MA dentist so that jaw pain no longer interferes with your life. Treatment for TMJ problems often involves the use of a custom appliance that you can wear to gently change the alignment of your jaw. In order to alleviate present tension in your jaw joints and muscles, we can also recommend Botox treatment.

Is TMJ Dysfunction Affecting You?

There are several ways TMJ dysfunction can affect an individual. If your jaw movement is starting to feel painful, or if you have a difficult time moving your jaw, it could be due to this condition. You can also start to struggle with teeth grinding, particularly while you sleep. This problem, known as bruxism, can increase pressure on your jaw while also putting you at risk for dental damage! Other symptoms of TMJ dysfunction include headaches, facial soreness, and neck pains.

We Can Find A Way To Reduce Your Discomfort

By creating a custom appliance for you to wear, your dentist can give you a tool to ease the tension caused by poor jaw joint alignment. When in place, the appliance gently corrects your jaw’s position in order to alleviate the tension that has been affecting you. After an evaluation, your dentist can also suggest using Botox to address tension, so that you can enjoy relief from your symptoms.

Restoring Your Smile If You Have Teeth Grinding Issues

Unfortunately, some patients only seek help with TMJ dysfunction and bruxism after their teeth have started to show signs of damage from teeth grinding. In this situation, we may need to place dental crowns on teeth that have been particularly damaged. In other circumstances, we may be able to restore the way you look through cosmetic dentistry.

Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury Can Help You Take Care Of Jaw Pain

Are you currently having a difficult time moving your jaw? Do you frequently feel pain in your face, neck, and head? If so, it may be time to discuss TMJ dysfunction with your dentist! At Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury, we are prepared to help individuals who struggle with this condition. We can offer Botox treatments when appropriate, and we can use a custom appliance to start relieving pressure on your jaw joints and muscles. If you are ready to do something about jaw pain, or if you have any other issues affecting your oral health, call Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury at (508) 842-8838.