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Dental Troubles Can Be The Cause Of Frequent Headaches

If you experience headaches on a frequent, possibly even daily, basis, TMJ dysfunction could be the culprit. Why would a problem that affects your jaw be the source of chronic headaches? Your jaw joints are operate by your trigeminal nerve – because this nerve is also responsible for sensations in your face, head, and neck,… Read more »

3 Dental Problems You Can Cause When You Grind Your Teeth

A nighttime habit of grinding your teeth can lead to serious trouble. One immediate problem you can encounter is discomfort – your teeth, face, and jaws can be sore when you wake, and your discomfort can linger into your day. If you think you might be suffering from a teeth grinding habit, known as bruxism,… Read more »

Difficulty With Dental Functions? Your Dentist Can Help

Everyday dental functions can become more difficult for people who develop TMJ dysfunction. This issue refers to problems with your temporomandibular joints (the TMJs), and it can lead to difficulty and pain when you bite, chew, and speak. People who develop this problem can also suffer recurring pains that affect their face, neck, and head,… Read more »

Is My Toothache Worth A Trip To The Dentist?

What kind of toothache will call for a treatment from your dentist? One thing that should worry you is if a toothache persists for an extended period of time. Lingering pain could be a consequence of a tooth suffering from advanced decay, or the byproduct of an injury or infection. If you fail to have… Read more »

When Jaw Problems Limit Your Ability To Eat And Speak

A persistent pain in your jaw joints can give routine tasks like biting, chewing, and speaking a frustrating degree of difficulty. If you are suffering from TMJ dysfunction, you may find it harder to move your jaw at all, while also experiencing pain in the joints, as well as in your face, neck, and head…. Read more »

Why Am I Waking Up With Sore Teeth?

The start of your day can set the tone for the rest of it. Waking up with dental soreness, or pain in your face and neck, can be a less than pleasant experience. You may find that discomfort persists through the rest of your day, making you uncomfortable and irritable. If you are waking up… Read more »

Can Chronic Jaw Pain Lead To More Problems?

Waking up with a tender, aching jaw can certainly lead to a bad day. Unfortunately, for patients who do not address chronic jaw pains, the consequences can be more lasting, and more troublesome. Patients who suffer from a teeth grinding habit are putting constant pressure on their jaw joints throughout the night, while also putting… Read more »

Waking Up With Dental Pain? Bruxism May Be The Culprit

When you wake up with pain in your teeth and jaws in the mornings, you may be dealing with the consequences of bruxism. People who habitually find themselves experiencing this type of discomfort may be unaware that they are grinding their teeth while sleep. It should be noted that this condition, bruxism, can lead to… Read more »

Issues With Stiff, Painful Jaw Movement? Tell Your Dentist

You might be looking forward to your favorite meal for lunch or dinner, but ongoing problems with your jaw can diminish this experience. After all, imagine trying to work your way through biting and chewing when your jaw motions are stiff, or limited. In some cases, jaw problems will worsen until you are finding it… Read more »

Countering Pain And Dental Damage Caused By Bruxism

Dealing with bruxism means dealing with chronic jaw pain, and facing the risk of significant dental damage. Because people affected by bruxism are grinding their teeth unconsciously, you may not immediately link ongoing issues like facial pain and dental sensitivity with this issue. What you should know is that patients often grind their teeth at… Read more »