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3 Dental Problems You Can Cause When You Grind Your Teeth

A nighttime habit of grinding your teeth can lead to serious trouble. One immediate problem you can encounter is discomfort – your teeth, face, and jaws can be sore when you wake, and your discomfort can linger into your day. If you think you might be suffering from a teeth grinding habit, known as bruxism, your dentist can provide relief. In addition to keeping your teeth protected while you sleep, your dentist can provide treatment for signs of dental harm. If you fail to seek help, you can develop a number of different problems, including severe damage to teeth!

1. You Could Cause Problems For Your Jaw

Bruxism and TMJ dysfunction are often linked, and the development of one problem can lead to the development of the other. Both can be addressed with a custom-made oral appliance. The right appliance can keep your jaw joints in a relaxed position, or protect your teeth from damage caused by teeth grinding.

2. You Can Cause Wear And Tear On Your Teeth

When you grind your teeth, they can become worn down by the stress and friction. As this damage accumulates, your smile can appear less healthy, or make you appear older. Cosmetic dental work can hide signs of wear and tear, and improve your appearance.

3. You Can Suffer From A Serious Chip Or Crack In A Tooth

A chipped or cracked tooth may require more than just cosmetic work. If bruxism has led to serious harm, your dentist can supply you with a restoration. A dental crown can provide natural-looking coverage that keeps your tooth safe, makes biting and chewing easier, and preserves your appearance.

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