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Quiz: Receiving Treatment For Bruxism And TMD

Individuals who suffer TMD, or temporomandibular joint dysfunction, can develop the problem in many different ways. It could be a consequence of stress, an injury, poor bite alignment, or arthritis in their joints. Individuals who grind their teeth may develop TMD, but TMD is also a possible cause of teeth grinding, or bruxism. Because these conditions can cause frequent bouts of discomfort, patients can be eager to find a solution to the problem. Your dentist can help you by providing you with a special oral appliance that reduces the strain on your jaw joints, and they can keep your teeth safe from the effects of grinding while you sleep. In some cases, patients will have discomfort alleviated with a Botox treatment. While Botox is thought of as offering cosmetic benefits, it can also be useful to help those who struggle with TMD.


True Or False: If you put off treatment for bruxism, you could wind up with dental damage that requires professional care.

True Or False: People who deal with TMD can have issues with jaw function, but it can also lead to problems like chronic headaches, and soreness in your neck and shoulders.

True Or False: While Botox injections are often seen as a cosmetic treatment, they can also help with problems related to TMD.


True! If you suffer from a habit of grinding your teeth, you may do more damage than you realize is possible. Patients who fail to address this problem in a timely fashion may find themselves with a chipped or cracked tooth that needs a dental crown.

True! While the problem may be caused by jaw joint troubles, the effects may be felt in your head, face, neck, and shoulders.

True! Botox injections can reduce the tension in and around your jaw, bringing relief from bruxism and TMD.

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