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3 Worrying Issues Caused By Untreated TMJ Issues

When a nagging pain continues to disrupt your life, you can grow understandably concerned. Chronic headaches, and recurring pains in your face, neck, and shoulder, can all be caused by TMJ dysfunction. While the symptoms are spread throughout your neck and head, this problem is rooted in your jaw joints. When you have an issue with the joints, or with those muscles that operate your jaw, it can seriously compromise your quality of life. This is due to the trigeminal nerve, the nerve that operates your jaw, and is responsible for sensation in your face, neck, and head. When your dentist examines you, they can identify signs of TMJ dysfunction. Many people will enjoy relief thanks to a custom-made appliance that keeps their jaw joints relaxed, and alleviates discomfort.

1. Chronic Pain In Your Face, Neck, And Head

Your daily aches and pains may be stemming from unaddressed TMJ problems. If you continue to ignore the problem, those symptoms will continue to antagonize you.

2. Dental Damage Due To A Teeth Grinding Habit

Teeth grinding can lead to TMJ troubles, but it can also be a consequence of those issues. Teeth grinding in either case is a real concern, as you can damage your teeth badly enough to require dental crowns. Milder damages may call for cosmetic dental care, as the wear and tear can make your smile look older, and unhealthy.

3. Difficulty Biting, Chewing, And Speaking

If meal times become frustrating, and pain limits your conversation, reach out to your dentist. While they can identify possible signs of TMJ dysfunction during a routine dental exam, letting them know something is wrong means putting an end to these uncomfortable symptoms that much sooner.

Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury Can Help You Recover From TMJ Issues

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