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Will I Have A Harder Time Avoiding Cavities As I Age?

By keeping up with good oral health habits every day, and making regular trips to your dentist for routine dental exams, you can keep your cavity risk low. Unfortunately, even patients who generally exercise smart care sometimes develop cavities. Diet choices, hydration, and enamel erosion can change your risk for troubles with decay. One reason it might feel more difficult to keep preventing cavities as you age is because of that loss of enamel, which occurs due to consistent friction. Individuals will also have trouble because they require medications that cause dry mouth, which can raise their cavity risk. Your dentist can work with you to make sure you have the support you need, even when it seems like cavities are harder to avoid.

Identifying And Changing Habits That Increase Your Risk For Future Cavities

Every patient should put time and effort into protecting their teeth by practicing good oral health habits, and paying attention to their behaviors. Brushing and flossing diligently will provide valuable protection, but you should also think about how you put your smile at risk with your diet choices. In addition to watching out for sugary items, be mindful that acidic foods and drinks can soften your enamel. Alcohol can be trouble because it can lead to dry mouth, and because mixed drinks can be higher in sugar.

Making Sure You Attend Routine Dental Exams

At every routine dental exam, you receive support in the form of careful oral health reviews, and a professional teeth cleaning from your hygienist. These visits will make it easier to keep your smile in good condition, and make you less likely to need restorative dental care in the future, even if your natural cavity defense is not what it used to be.

Talk To Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury For Help In Avoiding Cavity Troubles

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