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When You Need A Tooth Extraction

Many people will undergo a dental extraction in order to remove their wisdom teeth. While less common, a tooth extraction is also something that can be required if you have ongoing dental problems. You should know that your dentist will only extract a tooth affected by tooth decay if all other restorative dental treatment strategies… Read more »

What If My Root Canal Can’t Heal Properly?

Sometimes, due to complex anatomy or canals that went undetected while you were receiving root canal therapy, your treatment may fail to heal or pain continues to persist. Maybe it is a result of a crown or restoration not immediately being placed following your initial treatment. Your root canal therapy can also be prohibited from… Read more »

Do You Need Your Tooth Pulled?

Although dentists are in the business of saving teeth, and although there are numerous ways to save a compromised tooth depending on the issue, there are still times when your tooth may need to be pulled. There are reasons that a tooth extraction would be the treatment of choice. The most common reason is an… Read more »

Do Dentists Still Extract Teeth?

With all of today’s modern technology that seems like a good question, right? Your natural tooth structure should be saved whenever possible, and that’s why there are so many treatment options available today. Although dental implants are one of those options, your natural tooth root is, of course, preferable, if only because you won’t have… Read more »

Your Tooth Extraction Experts

Rest assured that if you are in need of a tooth to be removed, you are in good hands at your local dentist in Shrewsbury, Ma. The dental professionals pride themselves on ensuring a comfortable experience for their patients and minimizing discomfort to little to none. In the unfortunate circumstance of needing a tooth extraction,… Read more »