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What If My Root Canal Can’t Heal Properly?

Sometimes, due to complex anatomy or canals that went undetected while you were receiving root canal therapy, your treatment may fail to heal or pain continues to persist. Maybe it is a result of a crown or restoration not immediately being placed following your initial treatment. Your root canal therapy can also be prohibited from healing because it was exposed to saliva, resulting in contamination and/or infection. If your root canal can’t heal properly, your dentist can perform a root canal retreatment.

Re-Treat Yourself

How does root canal retreatment work? It’s right there in the name! Your dentist will perform a treatment similar to the original, carefully re-cleaning and re-sealing your infected tooth’s root canal system. Receiving this treatment comes with many benefits including:

  • Your tooth’s health is preserved, preventing you from losing your natural tooth.
  • Your tooth won’t abscess from worsening infection.
  • Prevents the spread of infection to your other teeth.
  • By completing the treatment with a dental crown, your tooth’s structure is restored.
  • Because the bacteria and infection in your tooth’s root structure is removed, you should no longer experience the discomfort associated with it.

You Don’t Have To Suffer

If you are suffering from regular pain and discomfort associated with an infected tooth, or other endodontic issues, you should see your dentist immediately. They can offer you treatments for problems such as:

  • Traumatic injuries. If your tooth has been knocked out or removed from its socket, your dentist can return it to its socket and stabilize it as well as rehab it to help it remain strong and healthy.
  • Cracked tooth syndrome. If you’ve developed an infection from a cracked tooth, your dentist can help repair and treat it.

Don’t Live With Pain Any Longer

Our dentists can remove infection and give you a smile that’s pain free. Contact us at our local Shrewsbury, MA office at 508-842-8838.