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When You Need A Tooth Extraction

Many people will undergo a dental extraction in order to remove their wisdom teeth. While less common, a tooth extraction is also something that can be required if you have ongoing dental problems. You should know that your dentist will only extract a tooth affected by tooth decay if all other restorative dental treatment strategies are no longer applicable. However, it can happen if you leave tooth decay untreated for too long. In cases where an extracted tooth needs to be replaced, your dentist can review your prosthetic dental treatment options.

Why Wisdom Teeth Removal Is So Common

Why do so many people need their wisdom teeth removed? The presence of wisdom teeth can cause uncomfortable crowding with your teeth, and cause you discomfort. Because they are not needed for modern dental function, and because they can potentially cause complications, your dentist will safely remove them so that they do not cause you issues.

Making A Plan To Care For Your Smile After Your Extraction

You may need to have a tooth removed to address an issue of crowding, and a subsequent orthodontic treatment may eliminate any need for a replacement. However, if you have a tooth extracted because of a problem like tooth decay, your dentist can recommend arranging a prosthetic replacement. Many patients who need restorations secured will receive dental implants. Implants act like artificial roots, and are counted on to hold individual replacement teeth, and larger prosthetic appliances. In addition to having the functional value of keeping your prosthetic stable when you bite and chew, an implant can stop jawbone deterioration from occurring. This will normally take place after tooth loss because the lack of stimulation provided by your root can lead to a loss of nutrient delivery to the bone.

Scheduling A Tooth Extraction At Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury

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