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Ouch! Do You Have A Cracked Tooth?

Do you get a sharp pain in your tooth only when you bite down? It may disappear and you forget all about it, or you may simply choose to ignore it. You may have a cracked tooth. Pain upon chewing, pain after biting, intermittent pain, and sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures and sticky foods,… Read more »

Protect Your Teeth From The Cold

There is no denying that the cold weather has arrived in Massachusetts, and summer will be gone for some time. Sometimes, for some people, the cold weather can affect their teeth, causing sensitivity and discomfort that can range from mild discomfort to sharp, intense moments of pain.  Today we are going to share a few… Read more »

Do Dentists Still Extract Teeth?

With all of today’s modern technology that seems like a good question, right? Your natural tooth structure should be saved whenever possible, and that’s why there are so many treatment options available today. Although dental implants are one of those options, your natural tooth root is, of course, preferable, if only because you won’t have… Read more »

Cavity! Stay Away from Me: Part One

If you want to avoid cavities, the good news is that it is possible. Preventive care, like regular brushing and flossing, can help you take such great care of your teeth that you won’t have to worry about receiving a bad dental diagnosis at your next appointment. But if you currently have a cavity, fear… Read more »

Jaw Soreness? TMJ Disorder May Be the Cause

Have you been waking up with a sore jaw? Do you experience regular headaches? Does your bite feel off or uncomfortable? You could be experiencing a jaw disorder that affects your TMJ, which is the joint that connects your jawbone to the rest of your skull. Common dental conditions that affect your TMJ include bruxism… Read more »

The Dental Health Benefits of Botox

Botox at the dentist?! No, you’re not misreading. Botox is useful for more than just beauty: Botox and dermal fillers can also be used to benefit your dental health. If you have TMJ disorder or bruxism, you may know the pain of an aching jaw all too well. Disorders related to the joints in your… Read more »

Your Tooth Extraction Experts

Rest assured that if you are in need of a tooth to be removed, you are in good hands at your local dentist in Shrewsbury, Ma. The dental professionals pride themselves on ensuring a comfortable experience for their patients and minimizing discomfort to little to none. In the unfortunate circumstance of needing a tooth extraction,… Read more »

Attack of the Acids! Understanding Enamel Erosion, Pt. 2

In an earlier post, we discussed the causes and harmful effects of acid erosion on tooth enamel. Sensitivity, weakened teeth, and changes in appearance are all possibilities, so it is important to seek guidance from your dentist in a timely fashion. The consequences of erosion are not just limited to aesthetic problems; they also endanger… Read more »

Why Do My Teeth Hurt When I Eat?

How is that something as seemingly harmless as a sip of hot coffee or even a bite of soft-serve ice cream can cause such discomfort for your teeth? Sensitive teeth affect an estimated one out of every twelve Americans, creating a very real challenge for both their hygiene and their diet. Before you can treat… Read more »

Common Downfalls of Dentures | Shrewsbury, MA Dentist

Although dentures remain somewhat popular, they are no longer the dental prosthetic of choice for many dentists and patients. Problems such as improper fit, interference with speech, and a reduced sense of taste are commonly cited as reasons for switching to more stable prosthetics, such as dental implants in Shrewsbury, MA. Dr. Todd Pizzi discusses… Read more »