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3 Reasons We Take Tooth Injuries Seriously

When a person suffers a tooth injury, they face a risk of infection, and they can suffer from cosmetic and functional problems. Leaving the problem untreated can lead to complications that seriously affect your oral health. An infection can lead to tooth loss, and other complications. When damage interferes with how easily you can bite and chew, it can lead to daily issues, and frequent bouts of discomfort. When a person’s tooth is injured, particularly if it is cracked or chipped, that dental damage can call for a root canal treatment. While this procedure is often associated with cavity care, it can be effective whenever there is a threat of internal tooth problems. Your Shrewsbury, MA dentist’s office takes dental injuries seriously, and can help you recover from harm.

1. An Injured Tooth Can Have A Negative Effect On Your Smile

Even a minor injury can lead to visible changes that hurt the way you look. If you have an injury that affects your smile, cosmetic dental care can help you.

2. Dental Injuries Can Make It Harder To Bite And Chew Comfortably

If pain stops you from biting and chewing in a way that feels natural, the adjustment can lead to a taxing of your jaw joints, which can lead to TMJ dysfunction over time. That prolonged pain is also a worrying sign that the tooth is unhealthy. If a tooth is weakened by damage, a dental crown can provide the needed support that makes natural biting and chewing functions possible again.

3. An Injured Tooth Could Develop A Harmful Infection

Whenever bacteria infect the interior of a tooth, it calls for professional dental care. Our teeth can experience harm from an infection that can lead to tooth loss, and the spreading of an infection through the root and to your jawbone.

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