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Why Does It Hurt To Move My Jaw?

Over time, a minor discomfort experienced when you move your jaw can start to demand more of your attention, and create more pain and sensitivity. Problems with TMJ dysfunction have put many people in the unenviable situation of having limited jaw movement, or having to endure pain when they bite, chew, or speak. This condition can also lead to pains in other areas, like your neck, and may cause you to suffer frequent headaches. Your dentist can recognize the signs of TMJ dysfunction, and provide relief through the appropriate treatment. If your problems include an issue with teeth grinding, known as bruxism, you may find yourself dealing with dental damage, as well as ongoing discomfort.

Treating Bruxism And TMJ Dysfunction Can Protect Your Smile, And Relieve Discomfort

When you go in to see your dentist, they can recognize the signs of TMJ dysfunction, and provide relief through a custom-made oral appliance. When you wear it at night, it can provide you with relief from ongoing pains by correcting issues with your jaw joint alignment. An appliance can also stop you from grinding your teeth. Letting this problem go addressed has led to patients needing restorative dental work for notable dental damage.

Using Botox To Address TMJ Dysfunction

You may be familiar with what Botox offers to the world of cosmetic treatments, but there are uses that can improve your well-being. For serious problems relating to TMJ dysfunction, your dentist may recommend using Botox to help improve your condition, and ease your pain. This can help with your TMJ problems, as well as your teeth grinding habit. Botox and dermal fillers are both effective thanks to their ability to address the tension in your facial muscles.

Talk To Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury If You Are Struggling With Jaw Pain

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