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Stopping Tooth Problems With Modern Restorative Dental Care

A persistent tooth pain can be upsetting, but you should not let this scare you into thinking this is the end of your smile as you know it. Because your dentist provides restorative work using modern materials, the care you receive can end with your tooth being supported by a natural-looking filling or crown. You can walk away from care with a smile that still looks great, while having your affected tooth fully treated and supported. Of course, modern materials are not the only beneficial advancements in restorative care. Your dentist can also make sure you feel comfortable while work is being done. They can even use advanced imaging technology to plan your procedure, which can lead to more detailed, and accurate, information.

Planning A Dental Treatment Using 3D Imaging

Why should you be concerned with the type of imaging technology your dentist uses? How much of an advantage can 3D imaging provide? What you should know is that with these tools available, your dentist can take a more detailed look at your smile. Problems can be identified at earlier stages, and better information will be on hand to plan any procedure you might need.

Using Advanced Technology To Provide A Same-Day Crown

The technology your dentist uses to produce dental crowns can provide you with great-looking restorative work that can be completed in less time. With E4D technology, everything your dentist needs to design and produce your crown is located at their office. This will lead to you receiving your restoration after a single appointment, meaning you can look forward to great smile support in less time! In the past, patients who needed dental crowns would have to wait until a dental lab could complete the restoration so urgently needed for their problem tooth.

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