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Quiz: Supplying Dental Care For Kids, And Adults

Kids and adults both benefit when they have regular access to preventive dental care. In fact, there are many aspects of care that will stay consistent for younger and older patients alike. At each appointment, a professional cleaning will be provided, as well as a review of your oral health from your dentist. One key difference is that when kids come in for care, part of their appointment can involve educating them on proper oral care. While a child’s teeth are not inherently weaker because of their age, that lack of information and experience when it comes to dental care can raise their cavity risk. Your dentist’s office is proud to offer pediatric dental care, along with excellent care for adult patients.


True Or False: Children can have a harder time avoiding cavities than adults. This is not necessarily due to the relative strength of their enamel, but because they are less experienced with proper dental care.

True Or False: While routine care is important for kids, adults who take good care of their teeth don’t really need to attend ongoing checkups.

True Or False: If your child’s baby tooth develops a cavity, there is no need to worry about it, because it is eventually going to fall out on its own.


True! When your dentist spends time treating your child, they can set aside a portion of the appointment to walk them through effective oral health care.

False! Preventive dental care will remain important if you want to keep your smile healthy.

False! Restorative dental care for a cavity is important, even if the cavity is affecting a temporary tooth. An infection can cause considerable pain, and it can create future troubles if nothing is done to address it.

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