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What Can Your Stress Levels Do To Your Oral Health?

Your stress levels can vary over time, depending on what is happening in your life. Sometimes, it can feel impossible to avoid at least a few periods of prolonged stress. If you find yourself with more demands on your daily schedule, you can be more likely to neglect the kind of oral care regimen recommended… Read more »

Making Sure Your Smile Enjoys Consistent Preventive Care

When it comes to protecting your smile, how much care counts as “enough”? You need to brush your teeth at least two times, and floss at least once, and take the time to ensure that each session is beneficial. You should also plan on seeing your dentist semiannually for professional evaluations. Every time you see… Read more »

Catching Problems Early Can Mean Avoiding Serious Concerns

How serious is a cavity? That answer can depend on how much time that cavity has spent growing, and doing damage to your tooth. In cases where the problem is identified early, your Shrewsbury, MA dentist can provide care and restore your tooth with a dental filling, sparing most of the tooth’s structure. However, a… Read more »

Strategies For Keeping Your Smile Clean And Healthy

Taking care of your smile at home, and by receiving regular preventive care from your Shrewsbury, MA dentist’s office, can help you avoid problems with tooth decay and gum disease. Unfortunately, oral bacteria can pose a persistent threat. If you allow bacteria to continually attack your enamel, you can wind up with a cavity that… Read more »

Will I Have A Harder Time Avoiding Cavities As I Age?

By keeping up with good oral health habits every day, and making regular trips to your dentist for routine dental exams, you can keep your cavity risk low. Unfortunately, even patients who generally exercise smart care sometimes develop cavities. Diet choices, hydration, and enamel erosion can change your risk for troubles with decay. One reason… Read more »

Your Dentist Can Spot Problems Before Painful Symptoms Occur

An aching tooth could be giving you trouble because of an advanced cavity. When tooth decay causes an infection in your pulp, where nerves and blood vessels are housed, it can cause serious discomfort, in addition to jeopardizing your tooth’s overall health. What can you do to make sure a cavity does not reach this… Read more »

How Fluoride Helps You Keep Your Smile Cavity-Free

When it comes to stopping the formation of cavities, you know you need to keep up with good brushing and flossing habits. You also know to avoid consuming too much sugar. With these smart daily habits, and regular dental exams, you can do a great job defending your smile against tooth decay. What you might… Read more »

Is Your Morning Coffee Habit A Problem For Your Smile?

It can be part of your morning routine, or your way of staying alert during your first hour of work. While people may have different reasons to reach for a cup of coffee in the morning, it is a habit many will maintain over the years. If you are a habitual coffee drinker, you may… Read more »

How An Ultrasonic Scaling Differs From A Routine Cleaning

Every routine dental checkup you attend will set aside the appropriate time for you to receive a thorough professional teeth cleaning. When you have your teeth professionally cleaned, your hygienist looks for any signs of plaque, tartar, and food debris present, particularly in those spaces that are often hard to access. By providing this detailed… Read more »

Maintaining Smile-Friendly Habits At The Office

Most people are aware that they need to clean their teeth before bed, and upon waking in the morning. Of course, some people enjoy better results, because make the effort to fully clean their teeth when they brush, and take time to floss. Of course, even if you take pride in your typical oral care… Read more »