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Avoid Oral Health Troubles That Halloween Candy Can Cause

Halloween can be a fun and festive holiday for families, especially those with kids who are the right age for trick-or-treating. The costumes, spooky decorations, and holiday activities can make October great fun. With that said, the abundance of candy available at this time of year can pose a problem for our teeth. If you have a hard time turning down sweets, the wealth of options all around you can put you at a higher risk for tooth decay. At our Shrewsbury, MA dental office, we are committed to helping our patients keep their teeth in great shape throughout the year. In addition to helping you keep your smile safe by offering professional teeth cleanings, we can offer recommendations for better daily habits so you can keep your mouth safe from tooth decay!

Sugars In Halloween Candy Can Lead To Tooth Decay

Simply put, when you are consuming more sugar in a typical day, you are raising your cavity risk. Unfortunately, people sometimes fail to realize how much sugar they are taking on a given day, while also not thinking about their increased risk while they brush and floss. The result can be problems with cavities, which can require dental fillings or even dental crowns to address.

Be Mindful Of Hard Candies And Sticky Treats

Some types of candy can actually pose additional concerns that you should be mindful of if you want to protect your teeth. If you bite down on a hard candy, you can end up with a chipped or cracked tooth for your efforts. When this occurs, you may have to add an emergency dental visit to your holiday plans! Sticky treats pose additional cavity risks because they can be harder to remove from your enamel. If sugar-heavy food debris clings to your teeth, you can face a greater risk for experiencing tooth decay.

Start Thinking About The Effectiveness Of Your Oral Health Routine

During your next routine dental evaluation, you can discuss better strategies for daily oral care with your dentist. If you are not doing so now, you should start brushing for at least two minutes, and providing thorough attention to every part of your smile in order to fight plaque buildup. You should also floss every day – doing so protects those areas between teeth that are difficult to access with brush bristles alone. Of course, even if you start to improve your oral care routine, you should be mindful of your diet, and watch out for sugar!

Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury Can Help You Maintain Great Oral Health

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