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Rely On An Implant-Held Restoration To Restore Your Smile

The approach you take to restoring your full smile can impact your comfort while biting, chewing, and speaking. It can also have a long-term effect on the condition of your jawbone, and your oral health. At our Shrewsbury, MA dental practice, we can recommend dental implant-held restorations for patients who want to deal with tooth loss. With implant support, we can help individuals who have one missing tooth, as well as those with more serious losses. Our hybrid dentures even allow patients to create remarkable stability for a full denture! If you are ready to have your complete smile back, or if you have an older restoration that offers less support than you prefer, you can make an appointment to discuss the advantages of having dental implant support.

What Do You Gain From Having An Implant Put In Place To Hold A Restoration?

Dental implants serve as artificial roots for replacement teeth. Like the natural roots of your natural teeth, these posts offer stability, and important bite support. In fact, an implant is even capable of stimulating your jawbone so that it continues to receive important nutrients and minerals. Patients can find that implant-held restorations feel more comfortable, and provide better support for biting and chewing over time.

Planning Your Prosthetic Dental Work

The type of prosthetic dental work you require can affect your dentist’s approach to treatment. When an individual requires hybrid dentures, four to six implants can be effective at holding a restoration. For isolated tooth loss, a single implant can offer long-term support. Your dentist will perform an important initial evaluation when you want to have dental implant support – at this appointment, plans can be made for where implants should be placed, and your dentist can look for issues that require treatment before you proceed with prosthetic dental work. Once all of the information required is gathered, you and your dentist can plan the next stage of your treatment, and you can look forward to once again showing off a full smile!

Enjoying The Long-Term Benefits Of A Restored Smile

When you first have prosthetic dental work completed, your excitement for having your full smile back can make you thrilled with treatment. Over time, dental implants can allow you to more comfortably eat different foods, meaning you can enjoy a more varied diet without the interference of poor biting and chewing support. Your implants also create stimulation in your jawbone, which can keep the bone healthy. This effect on your oral health is an important one, as it defends you against jawbone deterioration.

Talk To Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury About Receiving An Implant-Held Restoration

At Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury, patients who are struggling with the effects of tooth loss can find out about the benefits that come with an implant-held restoration! Contact us to schedule an appointment by calling (508) 842-8838 to find out more!