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3 Reasons Tooth Loss Is More Than Just A Cosmetic Problem

There are many reasons to take the issue of tooth loss to your dentist, but one common concern is around how missing teeth can hurt your appearance. This is an understandable concern – many people can feel reluctant to show a smile with a visible gap, as it can make you appear less healthy, and make you feel less attractive. What you should know is that missing teeth do more than just affect how you look. Patients with this problem can face everyday issues, as well as long-term problems with their oral health. Your dentist can provide excellent prosthetic dental support. When you receive a restoration to complete your smile, you can feel more confident, and enjoy many important functional benefits.

1. Your Diet Can Be Restricted By Your Struggles With Biting And Chewing

A varied, nutritious diet can positively affect your overall health, not to mention your daily energy levels. Unfortunately, tooth loss can make biting and chewing more difficult, leaving you in a situation where you can only consume a limited diet.

2. Unaddressed Tooth Loss Makes You More Likely To Lose Additional Teeth

Neighboring teeth provide each other with important support. If you have a gap in your smile, the teeth on either side of that gap have less stability, and can move more freely. Over time, this can cause them to loosen, and become lost.

3. Your Jawbone Can Lose Mass Over Time

Dental implants make it easier to use your restoration for biting and chewing tasks, and they can generally make you more comfortable with your prosthetic. Implants also help you by preventing jawbone resorption, an issue where your jaw loses mass over time. That loss of density can affect your oral health, and your appearance.

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