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Worried By Tooth Loss? Prosthetics Can Help You Bounce Back

Coping with tooth loss can be a metaphorical pain, even under the best of circumstances, for instance if you’ve had an extraction planned to remove a painfully abscessed tooth. It can still be frightening facing the prospect of an incomplete smile, or just as bad, an ill-fitting prosthetic. Thankfully, modern dentistry means there are now more cosmetically pleasing and functional prosthetic options than ever before. So, if you have an extraction scheduled, have suffered a trauma that caused the loss of a tooth, or are having other dental issues, take a deep breath of relief. It is possible to bounce back, with a beautiful and strong smile!

The Many Options Available for Completing Your Smile

Most restorative dentists offer a variety of prosthetic options in a range of prices and each with unique benefits. Which is best for you will depend on the placement of your missing tooth or teeth, possibly the cause of tooth loss (for instance, if it was gum disease, you may need periodontal treatment before having a prosthetic placed), your cosmetic concerns, your ideal timeframe for treatment and your budget, as well. The mot popular treatment options are:

  • Partials : unlike full dentures, which are used to replace an entire arch of teeth, partials are used when only one or a few teeth are missing. They are made of either acrylic or resin to be natural-looking and comfortable, and can be secured using a metal clasp that can attach them to remaining teeth, or through the use of denture adhesives
  • Dentures: full dentures can often be held in place simply by the natural contouring of the mouth, but many patients prefer the added stability of adhesives. Dentures are designed to mimic a person’s tooth and gumline, so the resulting dentures look natural when one smiles.
  • Bridges: bridges rely on crowns affixed to teeth surrounding a missing tooth, in order to stabilize a replacement tooth or teeth. Bridges are considered a more permanent form of tooth replacement than dentures.
  • Implants: though they are the most extensive form of smile completion, and the most expensive, dental implants cannot be surpassed in stability or permanency. The titanium post used to anchor a replacement tooth, helps preserve the jaw structure as well as to firmly hold the prosthetic in place.