Dental Partials in Shrewsbury, MA


Missing teeth can result in low self-esteem and a desire to hide your smile. In addition, you may experience difficulty eating and speaking. Rather than ignoring the problem, you can easily replace your teeth with partials.

What Are Partials?

Short for “partial dentures,” these dental prosthetics will help complete your smile and improve your quality of life. A partial is a prosthetic that replaces one or several teeth, rather than a full arch of teeth. You may use partials for either your top or bottom arch. These prosthetics are composed of high-quality resin or acrylic, with pink “gums” and “palate” as well as white “teeth.” On either end of the partial, a metal clasp will attach to your natural teeth for support. You may achieve additional stability with the use of specially formulated adhesives. In addition, dental implants can also be used to secure a partial denture. The finished product is a whole and beautiful smile.

What Are the Benefits of Partials?

Partials offer a cost-effective, efficient means of replacing missing teeth. While bridges can only replace one tooth or multiple teeth in a row, a partial can correct missing teeth spread out with natural remaining teeth in between. The benefits of partials include:

  • Partials can address a wide variety of missing teeth issues
  • You can take partials in and out for easy care
  • Partials replace your teeth, for a beautiful smile
  • Your ability to chew and speak will greatly improve
  • You will enjoy a boost in your self-esteem with your completed smile

Do You Make A Good Candidate for Partials?

If you are missing one tooth, multiple teeth in a row, or several teeth scattered across one of your arches, you may make an excellent candidate for partial dentures. These prosthetics are removable, easy to maintain, and quickly replace missing teeth.

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