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Make Time To Discuss Prosthetic Work With Your Dentist

Is it finally time for you to do something about your incomplete smile? Issues with tooth loss can impact your life in several ways, and some issues can actually grow progressively worse as you continue to do nothing about a missing tooth, or missing teeth. Your ability to bite and chew comfortably can be compromised, and you can feel unhappy about the way your smile looks. At our Shrewsbury, MA dental office, we can work with you on finding the right approach for restoring your smile. We can discuss the use of modern, lifelike prosthetic dental appliances to give you back confidence in your smile. We can also discuss the use of dental implants to hold a restoration in place, which can make functional improvements that benefit you.

Tooth Loss Can Have A Serious Impact On Your Smile, And Your Daily Life

Your daily life when dealing with tooth loss can be less than pleasant. If you think people can see the gap in your smile, you can become unhappy with the way you look. As a result, you may “protect” yourself by hiding your smile, and even limiting how much you speak and laugh around others. You can also struggle to comfortably bite and chew with just a single missing tooth. Our bite function depends on the presence of all of our teeth. Just one absence can create problems for you that lead to TMJ dysfunction, and oral health issues for teeth that have to do more work to bite and chew on food.

Our Practice Is Prepared To Help You Fully Restore Your Smile

We can work with you on fully restoring your smile by placing a lifelike restoration. We can replace a single missing tooth with an implant-held dental crown, or with a permanent dental bridge. If you have experienced the loss of several teeth, a larger bridge can help close a wider gap. For a person with missing teeth that are not adjacent, partial dentures are available, and full dentures can be provided to individuals who have suffered the loss of all teeth in a row.

Learn More About Restoring Lost Teeth With Dental Implant-Held Restorations

Dental implants can help with varying degrees of tooth loss. While a single implant acts as a substitute root for a single restoration, it is possible to hold an entire denture in place with implants. To learn how this arrangement can help you, or to find out how implants can hold a restoration of any size you might need, schedule a consultation!

Talk To Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury About Prosthetic Dental Work

Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury is ready to help patients regain a complete smile through prosthetic work! If you have questions about how a prosthetic can help you, or to set an appointment to discuss any other oral health matters, you can reach our Shrewsbury, MA dental office by calling (508) 842-8838.