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Top Reasons Why People Skip Dental Visits

Your mouth is a gateway to your health: All the foods and beverages you consume to fuel your body pass through your mouth; aches and pains in your mouth can affect your surrounding body parts; and the illness and disease that develops in your mouth can spread throughout your body. One of the best things you can do for your overall health is to take care of your mouth and visit your family dentist. But many people ignore the recommendations and go years in between visits. Skipped cleanings and check-ups have serious impact on your health.

Special Needs

If you have special needs that make mobility or appointments difficult, don’t worry: Visit a special needs dentist who can accommodate your condition so you can still get your recommended dental care.

Kids Aren’t Old Enough

Parents may make the mistake of assuming their young children don’t need to visit the dentist. Take your kids to a children’s dentist by their second birthday for a check-up and gentle cleaning.

Busy Schedules Get in the Way

Don’t let a packed schedule prevent you from visiting the dentist; our Shrewsbury MA dentist office has accommodating hours so you can fit in an appointment that’s convenient for you.

Embarrassed About Your Teeth

Sometimes patients feel embarrassed that their lack of regular dental care has lead to decayed, stained or chipped teeth, and they’d rather not face a dental professional’s judgments. Dentists understand no one is perfect, and they want to help you get your dental health back on track.

Can’t Afford Dental Care

There is a common misconception that dental care is not affordable and doesn’t fit into a family’s budget. The reality is that there are many affordable options for dental insurance plans, and these plans often cover the routine maintenance you need for your teeth, such as a check-up and dental cleaning. You should always make room in your budget for your health and well-being.


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