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We Can Take Care Of Your Chipped Tooth

When you chip a tooth, you do not have to feel alarmed, as there are several services that can address the problem and preserve your smile. Your Shrewsbury/Grafton, MA area dentist’s office provides different treatment options for patients who experience dental trauma. For a chip, we may be able to recommend a conservative cosmetic dental… Read more »

Cosmetic Services And Your Smile

How often do you find yourself reluctant to show off your smile at a social outing, or when taking a photo? Many people have concerns about their teeth that are focused on the way they look. Even if you have no oral health issues to worry about, you can feel self-conscious about the way your… Read more »

Maintaining A Smile Improved By Veneers

After you undergo cosmetic dental work, you can marvel at just how much your improved smile changes your overall appearance and confidence. With porcelain veneers, you can enjoy long-term improvements that make you excited to keep sharing your smile. These restorations are made to stay in good condition over a longer period of time –… Read more »

What Patients Gain From Cosmetic Services

Your dentist provides services that can do more than just address active problems with your oral health. Our practice offers people in the Shrewsbury/Grafton, MA area access to cosmetic dental services that can make exciting changes to their appearance. Are you growing frustrated with dental discoloration? Do you feel unhappy with your smile because of… Read more »

Veneers Can Make A Smile More Symmetrical

If you are unhappy with your smile but feel unsure of the exact issue, it could be a larger problem with asymmetry. We tend to respond favorably to facial features that are symmetrical. Unfortunately, all it takes is one issue with a misshapen or damaged tooth, or a problem with poor alignment, for yours to… Read more »

Bothered By The Color Of Your Smile? Cosmetic Work Can Help

You can start to lose interest in smiling for photographs, and even in social settings, when you notice that your teeth have grown dull and discolored. This is a common issue, one that many people experience because of teeth stains gradually building up on their enamel. At our Shrewsbury/Grafton, MA dentist’s office, we can recommend… Read more »

Effective Treatment Options For Common Smile Flaws

Your comfort with your smile can change gradually over time. While some cosmetic flaws occur naturally, many others develop over time. Some common concerns include worries over dental discoloration, gradual wear and tear, and injuries that leave teeth chipped or cracked. While it can be frustrating to lose faith in your smile because of these… Read more »

Bothered By Teeth That Look Jagged? Dental Veneers Can Help!

Healthy teeth that look jagged or uneven can be a problem for your smile, even if they are not causing problems for your oral health. Teeth can start to take on a jagged or awkward shape if you have a tendency to grind your teeth, or because of gradual wear and tear from years of… Read more »

Relying On Cosmetic Dentistry To Address Teeth Stains

You may be embarrassed by your teeth stains, but does that embarrassment really call for cosmetic dental treatment? Many people turn to their dentist for help when they want to resolve problems with discolored and dull enamel. Stains can be difficult to remove on your own, even when you try to fight them with store… Read more »

Will Treatment With Veneers Address Your Smile Concerns?

How often do you find yourself trying to hide your smile, or hoping that people cannot look too closely at your teeth while you speak? Many people have some issues with their appearance that they would like to address, but they are not sure how cosmetic dentistry can help them. At our Shrewsbury/Grafton, MA area… Read more »