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Replacing Missing Teeth With Dental Implants

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When you have suffered from the loss of one or more of your natural teeth, this could be due to periodontal disease in many cases. Our team can not only treat and manage issues like periodontal disease, but we can address your missing teeth. In today’s blog, your Shrewsbury, MI, dentist talks about how we replace missing teeth with dental implants.

Periodontal Disease and Tooth Loss

When periodontal disease remains untreated, it will grow in severity. Eventually, this reaches the periodontitis stage, during which the tissues connecting your teeth and gums are severed, which cause loose and missing teeth. In fact, this is the number one cause of adult tooth loss! Without treatment to address the missing teeth, your jawbone could weaken to cause further tooth loss and an aged appearance, not to mention negative impacts on how you eat and speak. Our team can offer periodontic treatments to manage the disease and prevent further discomfort and tooth loss. With dental implants, we can address the already lost teeth!

Securing Your New Titanium Roots

Dental implants are actually titanium posts, screw-like in appearance and biocompatible, meaning they bond with the jaw like natural tooth roots. Our team will carefully examine your smile to assess the strength of your jawbone, so we can choose the best angle, position, and depth to insert your new roots. If you require it, we can provide treatments like grafting or a sinus lift to ensure there is enough structure to support your new roots. Some options can even be placed and restored same-day!

Completing Your Dental Implants

When your new root or roots are in place, we will complete your tooth. For an individual dental implant, our team can attach a custom crown to offer a durable chewing surface and a lifelike appearance. For more advanced cases of tooth loss, our team can attach a bridge or even a denture, so you have a full smile again with a prosthetic that can last far longer than traditional bridges or removable dentures. You don’t have to hide your smile from the world, or watch untreated periodontal disease rob you of all your natural teeth. We can help you smile with confidence again!

If you have any questions about how we plan and place our custom dental implants, then contact our team today to learn more. We want to help you enjoy a full smile again, so talk to our team soon.

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