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Why You Shouldn’t Be Postponing That Root Canal

Have you been postponing a trip to the dentist because you’re worried you might need a root canal? Most cavities can be treated with a simple filling, but when the cavity has progressed to the point of an infection within the tooth, you may need root canal treatment. Though myths about the procedure abound, it can actually help alleviate any discomfort you’re feeling because of an infection. So, stop postponing treatment, and instead let it help restore your oral health.

Root Canals Can Help Protect Your Smile

Plenty of patients put off seeing the dentist when they know they need a root canal, but it is much better in the long run that you schedule an appointment as quickly as possible. That’s because treatment like a root canal, can actually help prevent your dental issues from worsening while also improving the function of your smile.

During the root canal procedure, the dentist will carefully remove any infected portions of the tooth – usually the pulp and nerve – and any debris that has entered into the tooth. The tooth will then be carefully sealed, often using both a filling and a crown atop it. A dental crown can help further protect the tooth from reinfection, while also allowing you to bite and speak more comfortably and confidently. And thanks to porcelain, you have the option of a very natural-looking restoration that most people won’t even notice.

What Happens When You Wait

On the other hand, if you choose to delay treatment, you may only end up needing more extensive treatment, such as an extraction. Root canals are designed to save even badly damaged teeth; without treatment, however, you give the tooth infection time to spread. Don’t risk other conditions from developing by delaying treatment. Instead see your dentist quickly to help restore your health.