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Worried About Restorative Treatment? Don’t Be

If you’re experiencing dental pain or other symptoms, it’s time to seek restorative treatment. Prompt treatment is the only way to address most dental issues, and to restore your oral health. Since teeth cannot repair themselves the way other parts of the body can, a visit to the dentist is the best – and only – way to correct many dental issues once they’ve arisen. While you may not be excited to learn you have a cavity or gingivitis, addressing the issue early on makes it much more likely that you’ll be able to save your smile with minimally invasive measures. So, it’s time to stop worrying about your smile, and ask your dentist for help, instead.

Understanding the Good Reasons to Seek Restorative Dentistry

It’s a common misconception that restorative dental treatments are painful, but depending on the scope of treatment necessary your dentist will use either local anesthesia, sedation, or a combination of the two to help keep you comfortable and calm during your procedure.

Remember, the sooner you seek treatment the more likely the problem can be fixed with a simple procedure, such as a dental filling to address a burgeoning cavity, as opposed to root canal treatment to deal with a cavity that has caused an infection within a tooth.

Also, treatments are made to resolve the issues causing you pain or discomfort, so that after you’ve had restorative work done you can actually chew and drink more comfortably. Some treatments may require recovery time, to fully restore your oral health and your dental comfort. But even so, remember, it’s actually less invasive to have restorative treatment than the alternative, which can lead to the need for an extraction and subsequently tooth replacement.