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We Can Help You Stay On Top Of Your Periodontal Health

Are you really protecting your smile if your gums are unhealthy? People can mistakenly assume that their current oral hygiene routine is effective, while failing to properly clean their teeth at their gum line. When this area is not receiving proper attention, bacteria can build up, and eventually move below and cause a periodontal infection. Your Shrewsbury, MA dentist can help you deal with an infection if one occurs. Signs of poor periodontal health are legitimate causes for concern – if your condition grows serious, it can become difficult to manage properly. At this point, you are more likely to suffer tooth loss later in life!

Is Gum Disease Really Something I Should Worry About?

In the early stage of gum disease, gingivitis, you can have embarrassing issues with chronic bad breath. You can also see your periodontal tissues swell, or become more prone to bleeding when you brush and floss. Fortunately, your condition can be reversed at this point with proper care. When your condition goes unchecked, it can worsen, and become difficult to address. An advanced infection, periodontitis, can start to do serious damage to those tissues that support teeth. Patients who have problems at this stage can have teeth fall out, or they may need to arrange an extraction.

Scheduling A Dental Appointment To Address Gum Disease

When your gingivitis is properly treated, the health of your gums can be restored, and you can be free from the threat of periodontitis (as long as you keep your gums healthy afterward). You can make an appointment to discuss periodontics, and learn more about the health of your gums if you think something might be wrong. An ultrasonic scaling can be arranged to address an infection. This process uses advanced technology to carefully clear away bacteria that have accumulated below your gum line. If your infection is more advanced, your dentist can talk to you about long-term plans to manage the matter, and help you protect your smile.

Prevent Gum Disease By Improving Your Approach To Oral Hygiene

Good oral hygiene can protect your teeth and gums. When you care for your teeth at home, are you moving your toothbrush and floss string enough to fully remove bacteria? If you are not paying attention to your gum line while you clean your smile, your risk for problems rises. You should also take advantage of the professional dental cleanings that are provided at your regular dental checkups.

Talk To Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury About Maintaining Good Periodontal Health

Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury is ready to help you maintain your periodontal health through effective treatment. In addition to helping you prevent problems during routine exams, our practice can help you tend to a problem with your gums.  Contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Pizzi, Dr. Mehdi, and colleagues by calling our office at (508) 842-8838.