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Providing An Important Treatment For Advanced Tooth Decay

The proper approach to any restorative dental treatment will involve the complete removal of a cavity, and the placement of a dental filling or crown to support your tooth. Sometimes, fully dealing with a cavity means taking care of bacteria that have traveled to your tooth’s pulp, causing a painful infection. Your Shrewsbury, MA dentist’s office is prepared to help you deal with an advanced cavity that leads to this kind of infection. Our practice can make sure you enjoy expert care when you need a root canal procedure to manage an infection, and that you have effective care for your tooth after this work is complete.

A Root Canal Protects Your Tooth From The Serious Effects Of An Infection

If a tooth infection goes untreated, you can feel the unpleasant effects in the form of chronic pain, or sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. At this point, an infection can be uncomfortable enough to drive you to the dentist’s office for support. You should be aware that if you continue to ignore the matter, you could experience more problems, and you can potentially lose your tooth!

During a root canal procedure, your dentist takes care to remove an infection from your pulp before sealing this chamber, and planning your dental crown placement. You can be happy to know that E4D technology in our office can ensure your crown is ready after just one appointment!

We Offer More Than Just A Routine Root Canal Treatment

Internal tooth problems can result from more than just decay, and there is more than one way to deal with an infection. There are several procedures your dentist can perform to restore the health of your tooth. That includes treatment for a cracked tooth, which can be vulnerable to an infection. Our practice can also perform a root canal retreatment for a tooth that has already been worked on, or a root-end resection to deal with an issue in your tooth’s root.

Making Sure Your Tooth Is Fully Protected After Restorative Treatment

After any restorative dental procedure, your dentist will make sure your tooth has enough protection to continue absorbing biting and chewing pressures without issue. While smaller cavities can call for a restoration in the form of a dental filling, a problem that calls for a root canal can call for the placement of a dental crown. In addition to making a crown available in just one appointment, E4D technology makes it possible to cover your tooth with a restoration that looks remarkably lifelike!

Talk To Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury About Treating Advanced Tooth Decay

Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury is ready to help you take care of your smile when you have a serious tooth problem. We can address serious issues with a tooth by performing a root canal treatment, and restoring the tooth with a modern dental crown. Contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Pizzi, Dr. Mehdi, and colleagues by reaching our office at (508) 842-8838.