Making Changes In Your Daily Life To Avoid Future Cavities

You can see consistent benefits from your regular dental exams, but still have issues with tooth decay and gum disease. If you are bothered by your struggles to avoid oral health issues, you should consider how effective your daily behaviors are at protecting your smile. You may need to make improvements to the way you approach brushing and flossing. Improving your diet by cutting back on soft drinks and other harmful products can also help. Of course, you can always turn to your Shrewsbury, MA dentist for tips and advice when you want to improve your oral health routine. (more…)

Using Same-Day Crowns To Make Treatment More Convenient

You can have every reason to want restorative dental work to be over as soon as possible. Because your Shrewsbury, MA dentist offers a modern approach to smile care, the experience you have during this work can be more pleasant than you may anticipate. With that said, finishing treatment can lead to a restored smile, a renewed confidence in your oral health, and freedom from uncomfortable symptoms associated with poor oral health. Our practice can actually shorten the time it takes you to repair a problem with a tooth because we use E4D technology to create same-day dental crowns. These crowns are ready without an awkward delay, and they can be custom-made to match the look, color, and size of your teeth. (more…)

Your Whitening Treatment Can Offer Results In Under An Hour!

If you want to make significant changes to your smile’s appearance, you probably have to go through a lengthy treatment process…right? While you might assume that cosmetic dental work requires considerable work to change your appearance, you can be surprised at just how convenient – and short – a procedure can be. For example, your teeth can be brightened by up to eight shades with a whitening procedure that can be completed in as little as forty-five minutes! Your Shrewsbury, MA dentist’s office provides this service, and many others, which can be counted on to deliver results that are exciting, and more convenient than you might expect. (more…)

Providing An Important Treatment For Advanced Tooth Decay

The proper approach to any restorative dental treatment will involve the complete removal of a cavity, and the placement of a dental filling or crown to support your tooth. Sometimes, fully dealing with a cavity means taking care of bacteria that have traveled to your tooth’s pulp, causing a painful infection. Your Shrewsbury, MA dentist’s office is prepared to help you deal with an advanced cavity that leads to this kind of infection. Our practice can make sure you enjoy expert care when you need a root canal procedure to manage an infection, and that you have effective care for your tooth after this work is complete. (more…)

We Can Help You Stay On Top Of Your Periodontal Health

Are you really protecting your smile if your gums are unhealthy? People can mistakenly assume that their current oral hygiene routine is effective, while failing to properly clean their teeth at their gum line. When this area is not receiving proper attention, bacteria can build up, and eventually move below and cause a periodontal infection. Your Shrewsbury, MA dentist can help you deal with an infection if one occurs. Signs of poor periodontal health are legitimate causes for concern – if your condition grows serious, it can become difficult to manage properly. At this point, you are more likely to suffer tooth loss later in life! (more…)

Your Porcelain Veneers Can Dramatically Change Your Smile

Without even realizing it, you might be creating artificial barriers between you, and your best smile. People who are frustrated by cosmetic dental flaws can be self-conscious about their issues, but unaware that improvements are within reach. In fact, your Shrewsbury, MA dentist may have the answer to your cosmetic concerns available in the form of a single procedure! Porcelain veneers have helped many people make big changes to the way they look. You can show off a smile that is no longer negatively affected by misshapen, damaged, or discolored teeth when you have veneers made and placed. (more…)

Are You Attending Dental Checkups Often Enough?

Every routine dental checkup can give you important feedback about your oral health, and your smile care routine. If you infrequently attend these exams – or if you just avoid your dentist altogether – you miss out on important support. Typically, a patient should make plans to see their dentist every six months to stay informed about their oral health. If you are not making trips this regularly, you can allow dental problems like tooth decay to form and worsen without treatment. If you are not visiting the dentist unless you think something is wrong, you can find yourself in need of serious restorative dental work to bring your smile back to good standing. (more…)

Invisalign Offers Advanced, Smile-Friendly Orthodontic Work

When people have concerns about orthodontic treatment with metal braces, they can dwell on the effect these appliances have on how they look, or how they are affixed to teeth. Adults in particular can worry about the effect braces might have on their professional demeanor, or their comfort in social situations. Your Shrewsbury, MA dentist can offer you an alternative to traditional braces that can deliver exciting benefits. By using Invisalign aligners to correct problems with crooked teeth, you can avoid the issues that make people uncomfortable with orthodontic work. Your aligners will be difficult to see, and they will be easily removable when they might be in your way! (more…)

Cosmetic Smile Work Can Be Surprisingly Attainable

If you have an interest in improving the look of your smile, but feel cosmetic dental work is out of reach, you should know that the results you want can be more attainable than you realize. A single procedure is capable of fixing several issues, and it is possible to dramatically change the appearance of an unattractive tooth with minimal alteration to its structure. Your Shrewsbury, MA dentist can talk to you during a consultation about how big results are possible with less work than you can anticipate, which means you could be much closer to your ideal smile than you currently realize. (more…)

Are You Dealing With Pain Because Of TMJ Dysfunction?

If you are feeling the effects of TMJ dysfunction, you can be eager to put a stop to the problem as soon as possible. People who deal with this issue can have frequent headaches, difficult or painful jaw movement, and additional aches in their face and neck. Your Shrewsbury, MA dentist can work with you on determining if TMJ dysfunction is the cause of your issues. If this is confirmed to be a problem, you can arrange treatment to bring relief. Your care can also focus on addressing bruxism, a habit of teeth grinding that can cause serious problems due to the potential for dental damage. (more…)