Finding The Ideal Solution For Your Dental Discoloration

The field of cosmetic dentistry can address many different issues that affect a person’s confidence in the way their teeth look. Dental discoloration is an issue that often inspires people to ask about their treatment options, but it might surprise you to learn that this problem is not always a result of teeth stains. In some cases, other dental issues can be the cause of unflattering changes in the color of a person’s smile. At our Shrewsbury, MA dental practice, we can help you determine the ideal solution for your smile concerns, and provide modern treatment. We can discuss a teeth whitening procedure to help you deal with teeth stains, as well as other approaches that can help you if your problem stems from a different cause. (more…)

How Long Should You Go Between Dental Checkups?

Every routine dental checkup you attend provides you with the kind of care that can dependably protect you against potential oral health troubles. These visits are also important because any existing issues can be identified, and properly treated before they worsen. So how often should you come in for preventive care? Unless you have been advised to follow a different schedule, you should seek an appointment every six months. At our Shrewsbury, MA dental practice, we can provide important services at every exam you attend. The care you receive will include a thorough teeth cleaning, as well as a detailed examination that can lead to the discovery of any potential problems that should be addressed by a dental professional. (more…)

What Can You Expect From Cosmetic Work Involving Veneers?

How much improvement can you really expect to see when you have cosmetic dental work done? At our Shrewsbury, MA dental practice, we provide our patients with access to several procedures that can help with different issues that might make them self-conscious about the way they look. With porcelain veneers, you can actually address several concerns you have about your appearance with a single procedure. These restorations cover the front of teeth, and hide concerning flaws like discoloration, damage, and even some issues with dental alignment. The porcelain material used to create these restorations can stay in good condition for many years, and preserve your appearance. (more…)

Does It Hurt When You Bite And Chew? Talk To Your Dentist!

Biting and chewing are routine, unthinking actions that people perform automatically. However, if you have trouble with a tooth, or issues with your jaw that have gone unresolved, you can have a difficult time ignoring the discomfort you feel whenever you bite and chew! If a problem is serious enough, you can also feel discomfort when you laugh, or speak. At our Shrewsbury, MA dental office, we are ready to help you deal with a problem that is causing you pain. For issues with a toothache, or dental sensitivity, we can recommend restorative dental work based on addressing the condition of your tooth. If your problems are linked to jaw troubles, known as TMJ dysfunction, we can work with you on resolving the trouble. (more…)

What Will It Take To Fully Treat A Problem With Tooth Decay?

At our Shrewsbury, MA dental practice, we provide restorative dental work that puts a stop to the harm done by tooth decay. We also offer lifelike restorations that can keep your tooth protected in the long run. Even a minor issue with tooth decay ends with your tooth suffering permanent damage. While the material you lose cannot be restored through natural healing, a dental filling can make sure that your tooth is strong enough to continue handling biting and chewing support, while keeping you safe from a future infection. We can help take care of minor cavities, but we are also ready to provide support if you have a more serious issue with tooth decay that calls for a root canal treatment. (more…)

Make Time To Discuss Prosthetic Work With Your Dentist

Is it finally time for you to do something about your incomplete smile? Issues with tooth loss can impact your life in several ways, and some issues can actually grow progressively worse as you continue to do nothing about a missing tooth, or missing teeth. Your ability to bite and chew comfortably can be compromised, and you can feel unhappy about the way your smile looks. At our Shrewsbury, MA dental office, we can work with you on finding the right approach for restoring your smile. We can discuss the use of modern, lifelike prosthetic dental appliances to give you back confidence in your smile. We can also discuss the use of dental implants to hold a restoration in place, which can make functional improvements that benefit you. (more…)

We Can Correct Misshapen Teeth To Improve Your Smile

Sometimes, a person’s smile is unfortunately impacted by the presence of a tooth, or several teeth, that appear misshapen. This problem can make you self-conscious because it makes your smile look uneven, or because the flaw attracts undesired attention. While this can be a congenital issue, it can also be the result of dental damage, or wear and tear over time. At our Shrewsbury, MA dental office, we can provide cosmetic dental work to make sure misshapen teeth no longer look out of place when you smile! This work can require less time, and less modification of your tooth structure, than you might anticipate. In fact, with a dental bonding procedure, it is possible to have your results completed in as little as one appointment! (more…)

Are Your Kids Returning To School With Healthy Teeth?

For kids, the summer break can feel too short. For parents, the start of the school year can feel unfairly close as they try to arrange all necessary back-to-school shopping! It is important to make sure your children are properly prepared to go back to their classes. One thing you should think about is whether you are sending your kids back to school with healthy smiles. At our Shrewsbury, MA dental office, we offer quality pediatric dental care for young patients of varying ages. We can deliver thorough preventive reviews, and make sure any oral health troubles are recognized and resolved before the new school year begins! (more…)

Single-Day Crowns Can Restore Your Smile And Dental Health

When you learn about single-day dental crowns, you can be excited to discover that a problem with a vulnerable or damaged tooth can be solved in such a short time. In addition to making the process of restoring your smile easier, the E4D technology about our Shrewsbury, MA dental practice can ensure that your crown looks remarkably like a natural tooth! At the end of a procedure, you can feel good knowing that your tooth is protected, and that the crown you receive is lifelike enough to make you confident in the way you look. (more…)

The Role Every Checkup Plays In Your Oral Health Routine

At one dental exam, you can receive a professional teeth cleaning, and receive feedback about the state of your smile from your dentist. This one visit can offer important benefits. Over the course of your time in the dentist’s chair, tartar can be removed, any problems like tooth decay or gum disease can be identified, and any needed restorative dental procedures can be arranged. Of course, to truly benefit from professional dental services, you should make a habit of attending dental checkups! Ongoing care can help you keep your teeth cleaner, and they can protect you against the formation of oral health threats that might escape your notice. (more…)