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Dramatic Results For Whiter Smiles

Are you looking for a solution to help brighten the shade of your smile With so many treatment options available, selecting the appropriate cosmetic solution can be difficult. When issues with staining or tooth discoloration appear, discussing your concerns with your dentist can help illuminate your grin. Professional whitening treatments can go beyond the capabilities […]

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Capping A Tooth With A Same-Day Crown

If you need support for a tooth that is injured or impacted by decay, there are different options that can be recommended. Minor damages and smaller cavities can be addressed with more conservative services, but more significant problems can require dental crowns. These restorations fully cover teeth above the gumline. At our Shrewsbury/Grafton, MA dentist’s […]

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Overnight Jaw Protection Methods

When you are sleeping, your brain operates in a different manner than during waking hours. Without the conscious ability to stop your habitual teeth grinding, you could be spending significant time wearing down your enamel. This material is the hard external surface of the tooth, and it serves to keep your smile functional. Enamel also […]

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A Hybrid Approach To Whitening

With so many available options, cosmetic dentistry might seem overwhelming. There is a broad array of possibilities accessible to you in the improvement of your smile. From the refinement of your gums to the repair of your enamel, your team at Modern Dentistry of Shrewsbury in Shrewsbury, MA is here for you. It is important […]

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