Quiz: What’s Really Affecting The Color Of Your Smile?

Why is your smile looking duller and less white than before? What problem (or problems) can you point to if your teeth appear discolored? You may not think it matters to know why your teeth are discolored, as your interest is solely in fixing the issue. What you should know is that when it comes to planning the appropriate cosmetic dental treatment, the cause of discoloration does matter. Many people come in for help to address enamel stains caused by different foods and drinks, or from a history of using tobacco products. However, other patients will come in seeking help for intrinsic discoloration, a problem that a professional whitening treatment can be less effective at solving. Your Shrewsbury, MA dentist can identify the cause of your cosmetic concerns, and recommend the right approach to make valued changes. (more…)

Celebrate The Fourth At Old Sturbridge Village

The Fourth Of July encourages all of us to celebrate our country, and its founding. You can take part in a great celebration at Old Sturbridge Village that revels in America’s early history. You and your family can enjoy recreations of parades, 19th century baseball, and and see cannon and musket demonstrations. There will also be professional re-enactors who can bring the words of the Declaration Of Independence to life. Your Shrewsbury, MA dentist wants you to enjoy a terrific and memorable Fourth Of July holiday. The Fourth is an important part of every summer – of course, you should also take time this season to make sure your kids have a routine dental checkup before the next school year! (more…)

Planning Great Dental Work With 3D Imaging Technology

Excellent dental work requires excellent planning. When your Shrewsbury, MA dentist plans dental treatments that are intended to restore someone’s smile, they can use 3D imaging technology to carefully map that person’s teeth and oral structures. What do patients gain from having 3D images taken? This technology makes it possible to create a remarkably detailed image that can be used to develop restorations in less time. These images can be ready instantly, and your dentist can actually use the data to show you what a procedure will do for your appearance. Those images can also be used to help explain upcoming work, to help patients feel more informed and involved during their treatment experience. (more…)

Your Gum Health Is An Important Part Of Your Smile Health

Is a smile that is kept free of cavities in perfect health? It can be, but it should be noted that if you are dealing with gum disease, your cavity-free smile is not in the condition it should be. When a person suffers gum disease, it can be expressed through chronic bad breath, as well as symptoms like red or swollen periodontal tissues. It is important to seek treatment when there are signs of trouble – when this condition progresses to an advanced stage, it can create alarming complications. Your Shrewsbury, MA dental office is ready to help you if you see evidence that your gums may be unhealthy. In these cases, an ultrasonic scaling can provide valuable support. (more…)

3 Worrying Issues Caused By Untreated TMJ Issues

When a nagging pain continues to disrupt your life, you can grow understandably concerned. Chronic headaches, and recurring pains in your face, neck, and shoulder, can all be caused by TMJ dysfunction. While the symptoms are spread throughout your neck and head, this problem is rooted in your jaw joints. When you have an issue with the joints, or with those muscles that operate your jaw, it can seriously compromise your quality of life. This is due to the trigeminal nerve, the nerve that operates your jaw, and is responsible for sensation in your face, neck, and head. When your dentist examines you, they can identify signs of TMJ dysfunction. Many people will enjoy relief thanks to a custom-made appliance that keeps their jaw joints relaxed, and alleviates discomfort. (more…)

Will I Have A Harder Time Avoiding Cavities As I Age?

By keeping up with good oral health habits every day, and making regular trips to your dentist for routine dental exams, you can keep your cavity risk low. Unfortunately, even patients who generally exercise smart care sometimes develop cavities. Diet choices, hydration, and enamel erosion can change your risk for troubles with decay. One reason it might feel more difficult to keep preventing cavities as you age is because of that loss of enamel, which occurs due to consistent friction. Individuals will also have trouble because they require medications that cause dry mouth, which can raise their cavity risk. Your dentist can work with you to make sure you have the support you need, even when it seems like cavities are harder to avoid. (more…)

Watch Beatles For Sale Play At Dean Park For Free July 18!

On Wednesday, July 18, Friends Of The Shrewsbury Public Library and the Shrewsbury Parks And Recreation Department will work together to host a special public concert at Dean Park. On that evening, you and your family can stretch out on the lawn and watch a FREE show by Beatles tribute band Beatles For Sale. The group has played great shows across the Northeast, and can be perform more than 150 songs from The Beatles. This is a great chance to enjoy a great summer evening with your family, and check out a fun – and free – live show. There will be ice cream treats available, thanks to support from Core Connection Of Northborough. (more…)

Contouring Work Can Help A Patient Uncover Their Best Smile

People who come in seeking cosmetic dental improvements may come in with preconceived notions about what it will take to make those changes possible. One benefit to meeting your dentist to discuss cosmetic work is that you can find out about different treatments that can be surprisingly effective at making effective changes to how you look. One thing you might not expect is how much good contouring work can do for you. Patients have seen great results after a tooth contouring treatment, which can make jagged teeth smoother, and reduce the size of overly large teeth. Many people have also been thrilled at the way a gum contouring treatment addresses the problem of teeth that appear too short or squat. (more…)

Maxillofacial Prostheses Offer Remarkable Restorative Value

For individuals who have lost bone or soft tissue in their face, a maxillofacial prosthetic can make a profound difference to their well-being. While patients rightly recognize that our office can help replace teeth that have been lost, we also provide prosthetic pieces to help restore areas of a person’s face. The creation and placement of this restoration can help a person practice vital functions like speaking, swallowing, and chewing. Because a prosthetic can cover missing or lost tissue that affect the way you look, a successful placement can also have important benefits for your confidence, and comfort. While many who receive these prostheses are children with birth defects to address, older patients who have suffered tissue loss after disease or an accident can also benefit. (more…)

Your Dentist Can Spot Problems Before Painful Symptoms Occur

An aching tooth could be giving you trouble because of an advanced cavity. When tooth decay causes an infection in your pulp, where nerves and blood vessels are housed, it can cause serious discomfort, in addition to jeopardizing your tooth’s overall health. What can you do to make sure a cavity does not reach this stage of development? Unfortunately, smaller cavities may not cause any obvious symptoms. With that said, you can have a problem in its early stages identified during a routine dental checkup. Your dentist is able to recognize when restorative dental care is needed, and they can make sure that care is promptly provided. While a cavity at this stage still causes permanent damage, the overall harm is minimized, and you can avoid needing a root canal treatment. (more…)