Flossing Regularly Helps Keep Teeth And Gums Healthy

If you want to put up an effective fight against gum disease and tooth decay, there are several actions you should take. Brushing your teeth thoroughly will help you keep bacteria and food debris off your teeth. When you pay attention to your diet and restrict your intake of sugars and starches, you can deprive harmful oral bacteria of food, and limit the damage they can cause your enamel. Flossing is another important effort – while people often recognize the importance of flossing, they can perform this task infrequently, or not at all. While your Shrewsbury, MA dental practice can help you maintain your healthy smile with expert dental cleanings, you should make sure you do your part to fight decay and gingivitis by flossing regularly. (more…)

Make Plans To Show Off An Improved Smile In 2020

Starting a new year is exciting enough, but starting a brand new decadeĀ is certainly something to look forward to! What can you do to have an amazing 2020? If you currently feel self-conscious about your appearance when you smile, this is a great time to think about cosmetic dental work. At our Shrewsbury, MA dental practice, we can work with you to learn what makes you self-conscious about your smile, and to determine how to offer meaningful improvements. You can be surprised to find out how little work it might take to create your desired improvements, and just how soon you can see results from cosmetic care! (more…)

3 Problems That Can Result From Your Teeth Grinding Habit

How much trouble can a tendency to grind your teeth really cause you? People who tend to grind or clench their jaw without thinking often engage in this habit while they sleep. That persistent pressure can create problems like TMJ disorder, damage teeth, and frequently make your mornings uncomfortable. At our Shrewsbury, MA dental practice, we can take on the problems you have with teeth grinding, a habit often referred to as bruxism, and help you stop further trouble from occurring. For patients suffering this condition, we can provide custom appliances that stop grinding and clenching from taking place. If you have had ongoing struggles with teeth grinding, we are prepared to help restore teeth that have been damaged from the pressure placed on them. (more…)

Skipping Your Regular Checkups Can Raise Your Cavity Risk

If you are out of the habit of attending regular dental exams, your cavity risk can be higher than you realize thanks to tartar buildup. Tartar is something you can prevent with smart oral care, but at-home care is not effective against existing accumulations of this substance. When this harmful substance is given more time to attack your teeth and periodontal tissues, you are more likely to develop cavities, or experience poor periodontal health. Our Shrewsbury, MA dental office is ready to help you take care of your smile during routine dental checkups. By closely evaluating your teeth and gums, and by performing a thorough teeth cleaning, we can give you lasting support against potential oral health trouble! (more…)

Can Dental Veneers Really Address All Of My Smile Flaws?

How long does it take to see real results from cosmetic dental work? Even if people are excited to make changes to the way they look, the idea of a long or involved procedure can make them reluctant to speak with their dentist. At our Shrewsbury, MA dental practice, we can make cosmetic work more convenient than you may believe possible. By restoring your smile with dental veneers, we can address many different problems in the span of just a single procedure. When custom veneers are placed on your teeth, you can see improvements to their shape, size, and color. People who are interested in cosmetic work often see veneers as a convenient and effective means of undergoing a full smile makeover! (more…)

Severe Toothache? You May Need A Dental Crown

A painful toothache can be difficult to ignore, even when you take aspirin to help manage your discomfort. If a tooth continues to ache, or if it becomes remarkably sensitive, restorative dental work can be required to address problems that affect it. At our Shrewsbury, MA dental practice, we can perform an evaluation to determine what might be wrong before providing the necessary care to end your discomfort. When it comes to problems that cause toothaches, dental crowns are often required as part of treatment. We use E4D technology in our office to create lifelike dental crowns on site, so you can have your tooth fully restored in as little as one appointment! (more…)

Can A Teeth Whitening Treatment Deliver Lasting Results?

If your goal is to make your smile noticeably whiter, you can schedule a professional teeth whitening treatment and look forward to a stunning improvement to your appearance. While you can count on cosmetic dental work to improve your smile, you may be less sure that you can count on those improvements to last. How can you ensure that your smile stays white after your initial treatment? At our Shrewsbury, MA dental office, we can provide a professional whitening kit you can use for touch-ups after you undergo a professional teeth whitening treatment. With your kit, you can address the formation of new stains when they start to affect the way you look, and keep your smile looking bright! (more…)

3 Cosmetic Treatments That Can Help Patients Look Younger

The right cosmetic dental procedure can target specific smile flaws that you would like to address. With that said, a procedure can also lead to broader benefits that can be of interest to many patients. Our Shrewsbury, MA dental office offers a range of services that can lead to positive changes you are excited to show off. Even relatively minor changes to your smile over time can affect your perceived age in ways that make you less than thrilled. With the right procedure or procedures, you may be able to make yourself look noticeably younger by correcting the look of your teeth! For additional support, our practice can discuss using Botox and dermal fillers to help improve your appearance. (more…)

Our Dental Office Can Fully Restore An Injured Tooth

A tooth injury can lead to pain, problems with your smile, and concerns about your oral health. If an injury causes internal tooth problems, or leads to an infection, it can quickly become uncomfortable, and without treatment that tooth could be lost! At our Shrewsbury, MA dental practice, we are prepared to address the needs of patients who arrive with dental injuries. This means more than just making our practice available to you in the event of a dental emergency. When a tooth’s well-being is threatened by trauma, we can provide the necessary endodontic care to save it, and protect you from potentially serious issues with your smile and oral health. (more…)

Careful Contouring Can Lead To Great Smile Improvements

There are several approaches to cosmetic dental work that can lead to meaningful smile improvements. In some cases, our Shrewsbury, MA dental practice can recommend cosmetic improvements that will not require the placement of restorations to hide flaws. Through tooth contouring and gum contouring treatments, we can change the shape of your teeth in order to make desirable improvements while minimizing changes to your smile. Tooth contouring helps fix teeth that look misshapen, appear too large, or otherwise seem out of place because of their shape or size. Through gum contouring, we can make a person’s smile appear more even, or reveal more of their teeth so they no longer appear short or squat. (more…)