A Filling Can Ensure Your Tooth Is Supported After A Cavity

What kind of problems can be created when you have a cavity? The most immediate concern is with the threat decay can pose to your tooth, and your smile. If no treatment is received, a cavity can cause an internal infection, and even leave your tooth damaged to the point that it needs to be extracted! Fortunately, your Shrewsbury, MA dentist’s office is able to provide restorative dental work that can fully remove a cavity, and stop the threat posed by decay. After this is done, there is a new priority – addressing the dental material that has been permanently lost. By occupying the space lost to a cavity, a dental filling can protect your tooth, and offer functional support. Because your dentist uses an advanced, lifelike resin material to create that filling, you can feel confident in your appearance after it is placed. (more…)

Making The Effort To Protect Your Periodontal Health

If you want to protect yourself against future tooth loss, you need to pay attention to the state of your periodontal health. Did you know that advanced gum disease causes more adult tooth loss than any other issue? Fortunately, smart oral care habits can keep you protected against this potentially serious problem. At home, you should make sure that you floss daily, and that you are cleaning your teeth at your gum line when you brush. Taking these steps, and seeing your Shrewsbury, MA dentist for regular exams, can help you limit your risk for periodontal problems. If you do show signs of trouble, an ultrasonic scaling can be performed. (more…)

What You Can Expect From Your Porcelain Veneers

The idea of improving your smile can seem exciting. After all, if you keep identifying little issues you wish you could fix, you may be more than ready to make changes to your appearance. With that said, you may be a little unsure of what you can expect from a cosmetic dental procedure. Many people who undergo this kind of work can make remarkable improvements with porcelain veneers. Once veneers are placed, they can offer full coverage of the front of teeth, and serve to hide bothersome flaws like damage, discoloration, and even issues with tooth shape. Because this process involves the permanent placement of veneers, you may have questions about what to expect after you have them. You can feel better with the knowledge that you can depend on veneers for lasting support. (more…)

Help Your Child Avoid Cavities During Halloween

Halloween is less than a month away, and you may be seeing decorations in your neighborhood, and plenty of candy on local grocery store shelves. While Halloween can be great fun for families, it does pose a potential problem for teeth. After all, there are few periods in the year as sweets-saturated, and that spike in sugar can lead to trouble with cavities. What can you do to make sure your family is not affected by this issue? One thing you should do is focus on making sure everyone is taking care to brush and floss carefully. You can also make sure your kids have their next dental checkups scheduled. Your Shrewsbury, MA dentist’s office is ready to help kids keep their teeth safe, and they can let you know if any problems need to be addressed. (more…)

How Your Daily Life Can Improve After You Address Tooth Loss

When you suffer tooth loss, and you fail to take action to address the problem, you can experience problems with speaking and eating, as well as discomfort with your appearance. These are daily concerns you can face in addition to the long-term effects of tooth loss, which include the loss of mass in your jawbone. Once you take care to restore an incomplete smile, you can experience functional and cosmetic changes that you can appreciate. Your Shrewsbury, MA dentist’s office can meet with you to discuss the receipt of the appropriate prosthetic dental restoration, so that you can have your smile back. You can also discuss the use of dental implants to hold your prosthetic in place. This can make it easier to bite and chew, while also helping you address this concern with jawbone deterioration. (more…)

3 Things You Should Know About Tooth Infections

What sets an internal tooth infection apart from a cavity? A cavity can result in an infection if too much times passes between its formation, and the appropriate restorative dental treatment. When you develop an internal infection, it refers to a problem within your pulp. In addition to decay, dental injuries that are serious enough to effect your tooth internally can lead to this kind of concern. Your Shrewsbury, MA dentist’s office can provide you with the appropriate endodontic care when you have a problem with an infected tooth. Treating the issue in a timely manner is important, as the complications that result can be serious. (more…)

Are You Disappointed By Past Teeth Whitening Efforts?

If you purchased a tube of toothpaste that promised you a whiter smile, or picked up a whitening kit from your local grocery store, you may have hoped for more results than you actually saw. Does this mean you have no chance to make real improvements to the color of your smile? Your Shrewsbury, MA dentist can provide you with more notable results by providing you with a professional whitening treatment. Through a combination of an in-office treatment, and a special whitening kit you take home, big improvements are possible. The professional whitening agents your dentist provides you can improve the color of your enamel, and even oxidize your dentin, to make remarkable changes. (more…)

Catching Problems Early Can Mean Avoiding Serious Concerns

How serious is a cavity? That answer can depend on how much time that cavity has spent growing, and doing damage to your tooth. In cases where the problem is identified early, your Shrewsbury, MA dentist can provide care and restore your tooth with a dental filling, sparing most of the tooth’s structure. However, a cavity can also call for a root canal procedure, and experience more damage. Because there is no way for you to stop a cavity’s growth on your own, early detection and treatment are important. Your dentist’s ability to detect problems in their early stages is one benefit of regular dental checkups. At these appointments, your smile is carefully examined, so any concerns can be addressed before they worsen. (more…)

How Bad Can One Cavity Really Be?

Because cavities are a common problem, some patients might fail to appreciate how serious they can be. When decay results in a cavity, your tooth can suffer permanent harm. The degree of harm will continue to grow, and the problem can eventually lead to an internal infection. At their worst, cavities can result in the loss of your tooth, or the spreading of bacteria through your root and into your jawbone, which can create new concerns. If you think you might need restorative dental care for a cavity, talk to your Shrewsbury, MA dentist’s office. Your dentist can carefully remove the infected portion of your tooth. After this is done, they can make sure your tooth remains in good condition by providing a custom dental filling or dental crown. (more…)

Providing Attractive, Dependable Single-Visit Crowns

The sooner you have a restoration in place for a problem tooth, the better off you can be – after all, dental fillings and dental crowns are needed to provide permanent support. After a problem like tooth decay, or dental damage, your tooth will require protection that helps you avoid future infections, as well as support for biting and chewing. Because your Shrewsbury, MA dentist’s office contains E4D technology, it is possible to have your dental crown prepared, and placed on your tooth, after a single appointment! These crowns are made to be an ideal fit over your troubled tooth, and the ceramic material used in their construction provides you with a lifelike restoration that can leave your smile looking unchanged. (more…)