Quiz: Providing Cavity Care With Lasting Benefits

You should base your approach to smile care around the goal of never having a cavity. This may seem obvious – after all, who brushes their teeth with the intent of limiting themselves to just a few cavities? The goal of “never having a cavity” means maintaining a consistent approach to smile care. If you skip brushing your teeth, or rush the practice, you increase your risk. If your diet is too high in sugar, you increase your risk. Keep in mind that a cavity’s damage is permanent. While your Shrewsbury, MA dentist can put a stop to the spread of decay, and provide you with an attractive restoration, there is no way to regain what you lose to a cavity. As reassuring as it can be to know that your dentist’s cavity treatment can have lasting benefits, and preserve the look of your tooth, keep in mind that you always want to take steps to prevent possible problems. (more…)

Working With You To Find The Best Way To Whiten Your Smile

Because people have different needs when it comes to cosmetic dental work, it can be misleading to inquire about “the” best procedure. With that said, your Shrewsbury, MA dentist can work with you to identify the treatment that can help you reach your desired goals when it comes to improving your smile. When patients want to know about how they can whiten their teeth, a professional whitening treatment can often be the correct solution. Because a professional procedure can exceed the level of improvement you can gain from store bought whitening agents, an appointment with your dentist can lead to remarkable changes. With that said, if your discoloration is the result of an internal tooth issue, alternative treatment options can be more beneficial to you. (more…)

Making Sure Your Smile Enjoys Consistent Preventive Care

When it comes to protecting your smile, how much care counts as “enough”? You need to brush your teeth at least two times, and floss at least once, and take the time to ensure that each session is beneficial. You should also plan on seeing your dentist semiannually for professional evaluations. Every time you see your Shrewsbury, MA dentist for a checkup, you receive a thorough review, which can lead to the identification of any problems that you need to be aware of. Because every visit also involves a professional teeth cleaning, you can count on professional care to help you avoid problems with tooth decay and gum disease.  (more…)

TMJ Troubles, Teeth Grinding, And Your Oral Health

Painful, limited jaw motions, frequent headaches, and a tendency to grind your teeth at night. These symptoms can all be connected to unaddressed issues with your temporomandibular joints, or jaw joints. TMJ dysfunction refers to any problems with your jaw joints, or the muscles that move your jaw. In addition to causing regular discomfort, these issues can make it difficult for you to bite, chew, and speak. Bruxism, or habitual teeth grinding, can lead to TMJ dysfunction, but it can also be a symptom of these problems. Your Shrewsbury, MA dentist can help you address these matters, and put a stop to the problems you face. Prompt treatment is important, particularly if you struggle with a teeth grinding habit. (more…)

How Hybrid Dentures Can Offer Better Prosthetic Support

When a person loses all of their upper and/or lower teeth, it can feel like a life-altering complication. Their smile is certainly affected, and their diet can be seriously compromised. If you are someone who has experienced advanced tooth loss, you may feel resigned to the difficulties that come with this problem. What you might not realize is that hybrid dentures can offer improvements that can exceed patient expectations. At your Shrewsbury, MA dentist’s office, you can learn how implant-supported dentures can make you more comfortable with your restoration, and your appearance. You can also enjoy extra support for your prosthetic, which can help you return different foods to your diet. Because your dentures are set in place, and because your implants can stimulate your jawbone and keep it healthy, you can count on hybrid dentures to stay comfortable and secure. (more…)

Single-Visit Crowns Offer Prompt Restorative Support

If you have a concern about a lingering toothache, or an injured tooth, you would presumably like to have work completed as soon as possible, right? While many people who need restorative dental work have to wait for a lab-made dental crown, you can look forward to receiving your custom dental crown in one visit! Your Shrewsbury, MA dentist’s office provides prompt restorative work with crowns made using E4D technology. This advanced approach to care makes it possible to design your custom restoration, and have a lifelike unit created at your dentist’s office! As a result, you can have the care you need in less time than you might have believed possible! (more…)

Is Your Smile Hurt By Crooked Teeth? Invisalign Can Help

A crooked, uneven smile can make you feel less than thrilled with your overall appearance. Unfortunately, the idea of wearing metal braces can make patients uneasy, particularly adult patients who fear they might look immature. If you want to know how you can fix gaps and overlaps without relying on bracket and wire braces, you can talk with your Shrewsbury, MA dentist about Invisalign. Using a sequence of clear aligners for your smile can lead to impressive results, while also helping you remain confident in your appearance during your adjustment. You can also enjoy the convenience of being able to remove your aligners whenever you are eating, or when you clean your teeth. (more…)

Is My Daily Fatigue A Symptom Of Sleep Apnea?

Your daily schedule can feel that much more daunting when you are experiencing the effects of fatigue. If you find yourself struggling to stay alert frequently, even on nights where you believe you had restful sleep, this could be a symptom of sleep apnea. While sleep apnea is often linked with snoring, there are other issues related to the condition that should concern you, including real health risks. Fortunately, your Shrewsbury, MA dentist can help you deal with sleep apnea. Instead of relying on a CPAP machine, you may be able to treat your problem with the use of a special oral appliance. By responding to possible sleep apnea, you can regain your rest, and feel the positive effects of a good night’s sleep! (more…)

A Filling Can Ensure Your Tooth Is Supported After A Cavity

What kind of problems can be created when you have a cavity? The most immediate concern is with the threat decay can pose to your tooth, and your smile. If no treatment is received, a cavity can cause an internal infection, and even leave your tooth damaged to the point that it needs to be extracted! Fortunately, your Shrewsbury, MA dentist’s office is able to provide restorative dental work that can fully remove a cavity, and stop the threat posed by decay. After this is done, there is a new priority – addressing the dental material that has been permanently lost. By occupying the space lost to a cavity, a dental filling can protect your tooth, and offer functional support. Because your dentist uses an advanced, lifelike resin material to create that filling, you can feel confident in your appearance after it is placed. (more…)

Making The Effort To Protect Your Periodontal Health

If you want to protect yourself against future tooth loss, you need to pay attention to the state of your periodontal health. Did you know that advanced gum disease causes more adult tooth loss than any other issue? Fortunately, smart oral care habits can keep you protected against this potentially serious problem. At home, you should make sure that you floss daily, and that you are cleaning your teeth at your gum line when you brush. Taking these steps, and seeing your Shrewsbury, MA dentist for regular exams, can help you limit your risk for periodontal problems. If you do show signs of trouble, an ultrasonic scaling can be performed. (more…)